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DIG Compares: prices of Baton Rouge natural grocers

Now that Sprouts Farmers Market has finally opened, I wanted to compare their prices against some of our favorite grocers, Trader Joe’s (TJ) and Whole Foods haul. Thanks to TJ’s per-item pricing, this analysis involved some quick math and some not-so-quick grocery trips.

Here are my findings:  


Produce is generally cheaper at Sprouts. On my first visit to Sprouts, my first thought was how large and gorgeous the produce section was, so its good to know the prices equal my quality expectations. Strawberries ($2.99), frozen berries ($.16/oz), gala apples ($1.79/lb), and greens were all priced best at Sprouts. Avocados, sweet potatoes and bananas were priced equally at all stores.

Dairy & Eggs

Trader Joe’s takes the cake on dairy. Organic cage-free eggs ($3.69), whole milk ($3.79), almond milk ($2.69) and shredded cheese (.25/oz) were all priced best at Trader Joe’s. 

Pantry Items

Canned beans ($.79) and nuts (~$5.99/lb) are best bought at Trader Joe’s. Olive Oil was priced best at Whole Foods ($.23/oz). 

Bulk bins 

Rice, oats and flour prices at Sprouts were the lowest. I calculated the per-pound price of these items at TJs since they don’t have bulk bins. 


Chicken breasts ($4.49/lb), rotisserie chicken ($6.99) and grass-fed ground beef ($5.99/lb) were priced best at Sprouts.

Frozen Seafood

Salmon ($9.99/lb) and shrimp ($9/lb) were priced best at Whole Foods. This is a win considering they tend to look the best, too, but you can also get great shrimp at our local marts. 

Sparkling Water

Because it feels like 100 degrees outside, Sparkling water needed its own category. Sprouts wins at $2.99 per 8 pack.


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