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Taste of Restaurant Week: July 2015

Reminder: Restaurant Week is back January 18-23, 2016!



By DIG Staff

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Restaurant Week returns to bring you the next best thing to Christmas in July. 50 restaurants across the capital city have joined the mix to bring you the best of their menus for one special price. Check out our breakdown of each participating venue, visit EatBR.com to read the full menus, and start planning your Restaurant Week itinerary!



Barcadia has been pumping out delicious cheeseburgers since its humble beginnings as the food truck formerly known as Curbside. Back then, they cruised the streets of the Capital City, offering their famous form of burgers and fries to hungry college students throughout the area. Now, they’re drawing crowds at the new Northgate location with their menu of old fashioned choices.

Try: the Brian 2.0. Rocking fresh blue cheese, pork belly preserves, and fried onion strings, no burger on the menu is more likely to shock you taste buds and your friends at the same time.

Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar

It may be named the Retired Surfers Bar, but you’d have a hard time finding a more welcoming atmosphere than Lucy’s, even if you’ve never ridden a major swell. With a famous assortment of nautical themed, sugar-rush inducing cocktails and seafood straight outta the gulf, Lucy’s has built quite the rep around town as the place to go for a night that’s bound to be epic.

Try:  Fish Costa Navarino. This Peak Entree is pan seared mahi mahi, served with a classic Louisiana corn maque choux, sautéed spinach, feta cheese, and grape tomatoes. You’d be crazy to pass that up.


Boil & Roux

Boil & Roux offers tasty grub at prices that just can’t be matched. Whether its the impressive chicken and sausage gumbo or some of the best fried chicken you’ve ever had, this place is a joy to visit for your stomach and your wallet.

Try: Catfish Acadiana. It’s catfish fillets covered in crawfish etouffee and served with a garlic bread stick.

Breck’s Bistro

Breck’s Bistro has been quietly building a solid reputation of impressive Italian grub, strong drinks, and competitive prices. Their recently expanded menu now boasts a much more impressive selection than before, and it’s a virtual guarantee to please even the pickiest of eaters. For one of the most authentic Italian experiences you’ll find in the LSU area, Breck’s Bisto is a must-visit.

Try: the Chicken Parmesan. Ordering chicken parmesan at an Italian restaurant may be as unoriginal as a pepperoni pizza or singing Queen after winning a championship, but in this case, I think you’ll be excused. Here, it’s so popular because it’s so freakin’ good.

Chelsea’s Café

Chelsea’s Café has pretty much cornered the concert venue/bar and grill scene in Baton Rouge, mainly because of how much actual effort they put into the latter. You can order some typical pub food at normal venues if they even have a kitchen, but Chelsea’s is food first, music second. Their menu is chock full of fresh, green options that are sure to satisfy those on a diet or those on a binge.

Try: The Pasta Primavera. Roma tomatoes, red onions, mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli—fresh and delicious.

Copeland’s of New Orleans

Copeland’s may be renowned in New Orleans for their culinary expertise, but that doesn’t mean that Baton Rouge shouldn’t be able to enjoy it all as well. With an impressive collection of seafood and pub food gathered on the menu, Copeland’s has established itself as a must-visit in the Crescent City and Capital City alike.

Try: The Blackened Bayou Chicken. It’s a fresh, full breast of chicken, coated with Copeland’s secret spices and blackened, served over their unique mushroom dressing and smothered in creamy, rich crawfish sauce.

Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro

Everyone should know by now that Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro is so much more than just cheesecake. They’ve got an impressive lineup of seafood, beef, and chicken along with plenty of pastas and their famous desserts. The blackened chicken alfredo or the crawfish ravioli are only just a small slice of the culinary expertise of any restaurant under the Copeland umbrella.

Try: The Chef Crafted Cheesecake, obviously.

Zoroona Mediterranean Grill

Zoroona means “come visit us.” It’s perfectly representative of the inviting atmosphere of this quaint Mediterranean restaurant. This elegant eatery is has all the healthy Mediterranean food you’ve come to love at a price you can’t beat.

Try: The Lamb Shank, which is broiled and served over a bed of basmati rice and topped with roasted pine nuts and mint jelly.


Bonefish Grill

Bonefish Grill has become a go-to spot for seafood around the community. Pulling produce from the freshest parts of the globe, they’ve established themselves as a culinary force to be reckoned with as they fry up fish, steaks, and chicken. Perfect for a large group or a dinner for two, Bonefish Grill has got you covered.

Try: The Teriyaki Bowl. Tender marinated chicken served over a bed of fried rice, with fresh mango salsa, chopped peanuts, and lightly drizzled with peanut sauce.

Bistro Byronz

French and Cajun food is about as commonplace as it gets around here, but that doesn’t mean it’s to be taken lightly. You know it, I know it, and the folks at Bistro Byronz know it, too. Whether you’re munching on Turkey Merci, Corn and Crab soup, or Bread Pudding, Bistro Byronz is sure to delight anyone in the mood for quality cuisine that’s perfect for the Deep South.

Try: Creole Chicken Pasta. It’s chicken, spinach, tomatoes, and Cajun cream sauce served with fettucini pasta. Just right for every tastebud.

Café Americain

Café Americain may seem like the name of something safe, but that’s pigeon holing this experimental restaurant would be doing them a grave disservice. They’ve been pushing the envelope since 1988, churning out unique dishes at an accessible price point. Take a walk on the wild side and venture to Café Americain.

Try: The Crawfish Stuffed Chicken, all topped with a cheesy, smoked gouda sauce and steamed vegetables.

Capital City Grill

Patrick Bateman may not be able to get a reservation at Dorsia, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get one at Capital City Grill. Renowned for their emblematic cuisine that perfectly sums up what Baton Rouge is all about, Capital City Grill is whipping up that Louisiana flavor with dishes like  Soft Shell Crab Orleans, Banger Shrimp, and Loaded Potato Balls. Call ’em up and mark your calendars.

Try: The Honey Garlic Salmon. It’s fresh, grilled salmon topped with their homemade honey garlic sauce and served with rice and the veggie of the day.

City Pork Deli & Charcuterie

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of City Pork at DIG. They’re daily offering of sandwiches and meats are to die for, and that’s without even mentioning their stellar weekend brunch menu. If you haven’t had the chance to check out this world-class charcuterie, here’s that written invitation that you’ve been waiting for.

Try: The Cajun smoked brisket sandwich. House-smoked brisket over a bed of pickled red onions and horseradish cream make trying this sandwich an absolute no-brainer.

Drusilla Seafood

Drusilla Seafood Restaurant may not ring any bells for the typical college crowd, but for anyone who has dared to find the best seafood in the city, it’s surely on your list of favorites. Typically heralded as one of Baton Rouge’s finest seafood restaurants by critics and patrons alike, Drusilla is a necessity to anyone looking to treat themselves to the food they deserve.

Try: The Stuffed Flounder. Fresh flounder stuffed with crabmeat dressing baked to perfection with butter lemon sauce. Served with a baked or stuffed potato.

Frankie Marcello’s

In the mood for Italian food? Skip the $5 pizza and get yourself a dish made from delicious scratch from Frankie Marcello’s. They’ve been cooking up your favorite foods for some time now, and have brought this cuisine back to the art form that it once was. It’s tasty, fresh, and just waiting to be devoured.

Try: The Baked Crawfish Ravioli. Cheese filled ravioli topped with a Louisiana crawfish cream sauce, finished up with mozzarella cheese, and baked in the oven served with garlic ravioli toast points.

Hello Sushi

Hello Sushi has been a popular fixture of the Japanese cuisine to college students for some time now, and for good reason. Their rolls are always made with fresh fish and rice, paired with bright, crunchy toppings for a sushi experience good enough to rival anything else in the city. Check them out at their Highland or Burbank locations; you’re never too far away from your favorite roll.

Try: Ellie’s Roll. Spicy tuna, blue crab, cream cheese, and avocado panko fried. It’s all topped with sweet and spicy sauce and almonds.

Kona Grill

Located in the heart of Perkin’s Rowe, Kona Grill is whipping up a variety of culinary influences for the masses. Restaurants that serve sushi and burgers may raise an eyebrow or two, but, hey, if you can do it all, then do it all. Perfect for the young professionals after a tough day at the office, Kona Grill offers a chill escape to your daily grind with appetizers, entrees, and desserts so good you’ll forget all about those TPS reports.

Try: The Pork Tenderloin. A hearty slab of meat that’s been almond-crusted, served with mashed potatoes and baby bok choy, all with shitake mushroom sauce.

The Londoner

Soccer fans in Baton Rouge are surely familiar with The Londoner, but if you’re part of the crowd that likes their sports like they like their trucks (big, tough, and ‘Merican), this may not ring a bell.  I’m not sure how the British feel about the “fish and chips” stereotype, but The Londoner isn’t doing it any favors with their tasty menu.

Try: The Gulf Fish Almondine. Fresh gulf fish topped with creole meuniere sauce and toasted almonds served with sweet mashed potatoes.

The Melting Pot

One of the most interactive culinary experiences you’ll ever have is waiting for you down College Drive at The Melting Pot. The waitress will bring you hot broth or cheese along with raw veggies, seafood, meat, and one she turns on the grill, you take it from there. If you’re the take charge, alpha person who doesn’t mind running the show once in a while, or just looking for a fully customized dining experience, the Melting Pot may just be your new favorite date spot.

Try: The Marinated Land and Sea. Coconut curry shrimp, Jerk Filet Mignon, and Herb-Crusted Chicken breast make up this culinary delight.


Mexican food may seem the same at everywhere you go, by Mestizo is a perfect example of the contrary. Mexican food is an art form, and Mestizo proves it with their fusion of traditional Mexican and Cajun seafood and seasonings. For one of the best eating experiences from south of the border in town, give them your undivided attention.

Try: The Portobello and Feta enchiladas, topped with mole verde and sliced avocado give a fresh take on a usually heavy dish.

Mike Anderson’s

Mike Anderson’s has been posted up by the corner of Nicholson and Lee for as long as anyone reading this magazine can remember. Ask alumni from the ‘90s who’ve waited tables there, and they’ll say the secret to their success isn’t actually a secret at all: it’s quality seafood at reasonable prices. Stronger than ever after the fire that temporarily shut them down, Mike Anderson’s is back in the business of charbroiled oysters and fried fish; and business is good.

Try: the Supreme. Jumbo shrimp boiled in sherry, lemon, butter onions, and spices.

Monjuni’s Italian Café

Another delightful Italian restaurant to grace this Restaurant Week is Monjunis Italian Café. Experts on all this Italian food, Manjunis is the place to be for lasagna, Caprese Tart, and Meatball Nachos. Putting their own spin on the old favorites sets this Monjunis apart from the rest in the best of ways.

Try: The Italian Almond Cream Cake. They call it Tiramisu’s cousin. Lady fingers soaked in amaretto layered with mascarpone and topped with toasted almonds.

Portobello’s Grill

With two locations in the city (Bocage and George O’Neal) Portobello’s is sure to never be too far away from you when hunger strikes. They’re both locally owned and operated and have been a fixture in the community since the late ‘90s. Serving up classics like filet mignon and pan seared salmon, Portobello’s is a foolproof choice for anyone looking to make a good impression.

Try: The Eggplant Stack. It’s crispy eggplant wheels topped with Louisiana crawfish, spinach, and smoked bacon cream sauce served over a bed of spaghetti.

Ralph & Kacoo’s

Ralph & Kacoo’s started in the ’50s, and hasn’t changed much over last half a century. It’s a kitchy seafood joint bringing Crescent City seafood to the Red Stick. They aren’t the only ones doing it, but they may well be the first ones.

Try: The Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms. They’re large mushroom caps stuffed with homemade crabmeat dressing.


Rock-n-Sake marries classic food with a modern atmosphere. By crafting prime sushi rolls and tasty hibachi, Rock-n-Sake is an Asian food-lover’s paradise. Fresh shrimp tempura and yellowtails are only scratching the surface of what this place is capable of.

Try: The Purple Power Roll. Fresh salmon and spicy snowcrab rolled with mangos and avocados on top rolled in nutrient packed purple rice and served with a sweet mayo dipping sauce.

Zorba’s Greek Bistro

If you’ve yet to incorporate Greek cuisine into your culinary repertoire, you’re overdue. Zorba’s has been providing the Capital City with these exotic dishes and turning heads in the process for years at prices that can’t be matched. Whether you’re munching on avgolemono soup, leg of lamb, or sweet baklava, you’re sure to find something new to enjoy about this food every time you try it.

Try: Psaropita. It’s a light mixture of shrimp, crabmeat, and a variety of Greek cheeses, wrapped in fillo dough, baked, and topped with grilled jumbo shrimp and avgolemono sauce. A Greek delight.


Beausoleil Restaurant and Bar

Beausoleil is known for taking old ideas and turning them into new dishes. Take Uncle Nate’s pickled chicken, black eyed peas and waffle for example—it doesn’t get more southern or creative than that. Be sure to pair it with a Jameson Irish Mule, or the Goose Island Sofie, a tart, dry, sparkling ale with spicy white pepper notes, a hint of orange peel, and a creamy vanilla finish.

Try: Uncle Nate’s pickled chicken, black eye peas, and waffle is a new spin on traditional southern cooking. When in doubt, order the chicken and waffles.

Blend Wine Bar

True to the model of the wine Bar, blend’s menu is there to suit their wine selection and changes constantly depending on the seasons. You’ll be able to enjoy great food with amazing wine or two cocktails mixed up just for RW: the Laurel Street Lemonade (Jameson, lemon juice, smoked honey syrup) and the Avion Gingerita (muddled ginger root, Lemon and lime juice, Orange juice, Avion tequila).

Try: Gulf Crab Cakes. This classic dish incorporates fresh crab, chow chow (a New Orleans-style relish), and a scallion aioli.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Carraba’s boast an exhibition kitchen, fantastic wine selections, quality Italian grill food, and, not to mention, top notch sangria. While sangria is not on the RW menu, delicious options like the Chicken Bryan, Lobster Ravioli, and Sirloin Marsala certainly are.

Try: The Chicken Bryan. Chicken and goat cheese were made for each other, and when you combine them with sundried tomatoes and a basil-lemon butter sauce, you’re in for a sensory adventure.


Gino’s Restaurant


Gino’s Restaurant represents Italian food at it’s best: simple food made with simple ingredients, cooked by Mama. No, really—Gino’s mom is in the back making sure everything that comes out of the kitchen is good enough to serve to her own family. Their home-style RW menu includes timeless Italian dishes like Minestrone Soup, Veal Parmigiana, and Spumone.


Try: The Baked Lasagna, an American favorite and Italian-American tradition, this lasagna hold true to tradition, but has a special twist unique to Gino’s.


Grimaldi’s Pizzeria


Grimaldi’s is known nationwide for its pizza and dedication to using only the freshest ingredients in its homemade sauce, handcrafted cheese and pizza dough—which by the way is way more complicated to make than you think. For Restaurant Week you can build your own “small” 16-inch pizza with traditional red, white, or pesto sauce topped with two of 25 fresh, top quality toppings. Continue to customize your dining experience in dessert with the Dessert Trio, which features, cheesecakes, cannolis, and, of course, tiramisu.


Try: Oven Roasted Sweet Peppers. Nothing gives your pizza some zing like this topping!


Both locals and visitors alike know about the quality of Juban’s creole cuisine. This year, in addition to offering the Cajun fare it’s known for, Juban’s is also offering dishes that anyone anywhere can appreciate, like bacon-wrapped pork tenderloins with truffle mashed potatoes or the braised brisket. But still, stuffed, fried shrimp—you can’t beat that!

Try: Stuffed Fried Shrimp. This babies are served with spinach, pecan rice and sauce creolaise—which is like hollandaise with spicy mustard and Tabasco sauce.

Restaurant IPO

Some restaurants are comfortable with sitting in a niche, serving one kind of food. Restaurant IPO is not one of those restaurants, and it shows in this year’s RW offerings. One thing you can count on is that, no matter how IPO draws inspiration, there will be a healthy Louisiana flair. Start with classics, like Chargrilled Oysters or Duck and Oyster Gumbo, then dive right into Korean Fried Chicken or Andouille Crusted Petite Cut Mahi Mahi, and stick the landing with the Chocolate Plate or the Mixed Summer Berry Shortcake.

Try: The KFC, Korean Fried Chicken. Comes with kimchi collard greens, Asian miso butter, boiled peanuts, and fried nori. Korean food is slowly seeping into BR’s food scene as it become more popular around the US. Get your first taste during Restaurant Week!

Tallulah Crafted Food & Wine Bar

The food here is all about what goes well with the wine, and considering the quality of Tallulah’s wines, that is a very good thing. Located in the Renaissance Hotel, this is one stop wine lovers cannot miss during RW. Their menu offers plenty of options for the discerning foodie, including Smoked Lamb T-Bones and Cherry Brandy Soaked Sponge Cake

Try: The house-smoked baby back ribs with cherry chutney. We recommend a nice Pinot Noir to accompany the smoky-sweetness of this dish!


18 Steak

With plush, high-backed booths and an extensive wine menu, walking into 18 Steak in L’Auberge Casino immediately makes you feel like a high roller, even if you aren’t one. This classy steakhouse’s RW menu boasts gourmet dishes like soy and honey glazed quail, pan seared diver scallops, and, of course, a slow-baked petit prime rib.

Try: Roasted Lamb Lollipops. Juicy lamb complimented by parmesan, mustard cress, and nutty, peppery romesco sauce sounds divine.

Bin 77 Bistro & Wine

If you’re looking for Cajun-inspired cuisine elevated to new heights, Bin 77 is the RW stop for you. Due to popular demand, this wine bar expanded to a full kitchen earlier this year and has been crafting unforgettable new dishes ever since. Chicken fried rabbit, short rib stroganoff, or crawfish and kimchi empanadas—do they have your attention yet?

Try: Juniper Vanilla Braised Pork Cheeks. Broaden your culinary horizons with this uncommon cut, served up with black eye pea hummus, broken heirlooms and pita panzannella, and carciofi alla giudia (Roman Jewish artichokes).

Camelot Club

If you’re not a member of the exclusive Camelot Club, this week is your chance to grab a table. With a reservation, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful views in the Red Stick while savoring their RW menu selections, ranging from crab and brie soup to a brown butter-topped filet.

Try: Pan Seared Trout Camelot. This fish comes topped generously with lump crab and hollandaise alongside bacon-wrapped haricot vert.

Doe’s Eat Place

Doe’s is the place to go if you’re looking for meat, meat, and more meat. This protein-packed eatery has a reputation for some of the best cuts in town, as well as some classic creole cuisine. With their menu for the week offering up shrimp and grits and a rum glazed pork chop alongside their signature steaks, you’ve got plenty of options.

Try: Ribeye. Why not get a taste of what they’re known for? This cut brings it home with a side of fluffy garlic mashed potatoes.

Fleming’s Steakhouse

This award-winning steakhouse is a go-to in BR for all your fancy date nights and celebratory dinners, but you don’t need a special occasion to check it out during Restaurant Week. You can start of with a French Onion Soup and finish with White Chocolate Bread Pudding to really get the full Louisiana experience.

Try: Barbecue Scottish Salmon Filet. If you want to go for the unexpected choice, this slow-roasted, barbecue glazed fish won’t disappoint.

French Market Bistro

Charming and intimate, this little bistro just off Highland Road draws inspiration from both New Orleans and France for its signature dishes. Their RW offerings include all the classics like Filet Mignon and Cedar-Roasted Salmon, and a glass of Dona Paula Malbec or Trinchero Meritage should wash it all down nicely.

Try. Chicken Caper. This delightfully light and flavorful dish combines panko crusted chicken breast with pasta, all under a caper lemon butter sauce.

Galatoire’s Bistro

If you haven’t pulled up a chair in the pristine white dining room of Galatoire’s Bistro, don’t miss this opportunity to do it at a special price. Known for fine southern dining, Galatoire’s menu for the week promises to back up their reputation with dishes like Gulf Fish Yvonne, Cured Duck Breast, and the classic Oysters Rockefeller.

Try: Chocolate Pot de Créme. In case you’ve never heard of it, a pot de crème is a decadent French custard served in a small bowl. This dessert comes topped with whipped cream and macerated berries.

Mansurs on the Boulevard

This local legend brings together Creole and contemporary gourmet in a high class setting sure to impress even the pickiest diner. Known for their famous cream of brie and crabmeat soup, Mansurs will also be offering up Duck Mansur and Cedar-Roasted Redfish along with one the sumptuous Bailey’s Chantilly Cheesecake.

Try: Cream of Brie and Crabmeat soup. Mansurs’ reputation is built on this dish, so you can’t go home without a taste.

Nino’s Italian

Tucked away near College Drive, Nino’s is one of BR’s most famous fine Italian eateries. Pasta rolled freshly in-house and a from-scratch menu bolstered by fresh, local ingredients truly sets Nino’s Italian in its own league. Enjoy two courses of small plates like Bruschetta, Spiedini, and Caprese before savoring your entrée.

Try: Cannelloni Duo. These tasty pasta rolls come stuffed with charred vegetables, whipped goat cheese, basil pesto, and roasted marinara.

Stroubes Seafood & Steaks

This downtown powerhouse brings fresh ingredients together with top-notch kitchen talent to make magic. Known for their premium ingredients and creative components, this upscale dining room has all you need to make the most of Restaurant Week, from Tasso and Shrimp Bisque to Pork Tenderloin to the Raspberry Chocolate Torte.

Try: Lemonfish. This rarely served fish comes with pureed cauliflower and bacon roasted Brussels sprouts for a dish that strikes the perfect balance between light and comforting.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse

Whether you love their juicy steaks, you’ve cut a rug to live music in their famous Ringside Bar, or you’re looking to try for the first time, Sullivan’s makes a great addition to anyone’s Restaurant Week game plan. Have a drink, get comfortable, and treat yourself!

Try: Hand-Cut Filet Mignon. If you’re really looking for some luxurious flavors, try adding a signature sauce like the Madeira Mushroom or a signature butter like the Cabernet Goat. You can even get it with Warm Water Lobster Tail for an extra $24.


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