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DIG Meets Singer-Songwriter Joshua Radin

Finding that creative niche that can completely satisfy an artist’s vision is never easy. By the age of thirty, Joshua Radin had already completed a few stints in the art community as a painter and screenwriter but was still looking for the right outlet to express his creativity. It was then that he first picked up a guitar and began to try his hand in music as a hobby. Six months later, his song “Winter” would be on the hit comedy series Scrubs causing his songwriting career to take off. From there, Radin’s career includes seven records, having his songs in over seventy films, and earning generous support from celebrities such as Zach Braff and Ellen De Generes.

At The Manship Theatre, on Wednesday, May 8th at 7:30 p.m., Joshua Radin will perform his soulful acoustic songs that have impacted so many fans – across all walks of life – throughout his fifteen-year career. DIG recently caught up with Joshua who gave us a look into his influences and what he hopes to achieve whenever you hear his work.

Joshua Radin
Photo by Deborah Lopez

Welcome to the Capital City!

Thank you!

You have had a truly remarkable career. Music wasn’t even on your radar until you picked up a guitar at the age of thirty. Even if you’ve had experience in other creative fields such as painting and writing, what made music become your main outlet of expression? 

Well, I had spent many years trying to express myself via visual art and through my screenwriting, but when I picked up a guitar for the first time, it felt more like home to me than the other forms of expression. I felt like I could instantly let people know how I was feeling about something, and that was a real creative eye opener for me.

Has it been difficult at times to go back through memories that are used to compose some of your songs or do you find it as a means of closure?

Not really, but that’s a good question. I feel like playing my songs every night to a live audience is very cathartic; it’s like I’m going through therapy every night. And the more I play the songs for people, and they tell me how much a certain song has helped them through something difficult, it makes it easier for me to deal with what I’ve gone through. 

Radin’s latest release The Fall

Your music is atmospheric to the point where it has the imagery of Paul Simon’s storytelling to the quiet rawness found from Elliot Smith. What is it that you hope to convey to your audience, whenever you perform or whenever someone hears your music?

That is a high compliment! Thank you so much! Two of my personal songwriting heroes. I guess what I hope to achieve is that by the end of the evening, the audience knows me, and not just my songs. And if it’s a listening situation outside a concert, I really want people to feel that. Music can make us dance or feel. I like to try to make people feel. 

Are there any movies, directors, or soundtracks that have helped shape your sound?

I’d say Wes Anderson’s films have the best soundtracks in our current era of film. 

What other subjects, besides music, have helped influence you to where you are today?

Yeah, usually I visit art museums to find inspiration. I’ll walk around until a painting hits me hard, and I’ll furiously write.

Be sure to check out Joshua Radin’s show at The Manship Theatre with special guest the Cary Brothers! More information and ticket purchase can be found here.


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