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DIG Tries: GymFit’s jazz funk class with Saintsation Dylon Hoffpauir

Following our previous DIG Tries experience at GymFit, we decided to test out another class taught by one of our new favorite teachers, Dylon Hoffpauir. We know that everyone learns in their own way, and Hoffpauir never fails to break it down for those (like us) who sometimes need even further explanation.

Similar to the hip-hop class, jazz funk provided us with an amazing full-body workout and proves to be a great alternative to the traditional gym workout. It’s a good choice for people interested in switching up their exercise routine because the class is open to adults of all skill levels.

Our specific jazz funk class was filled with both repeat attendees and beginners, with experiences ranging from a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader to someone who has never danced at all. We loved that it wasn’t just beginners who spoke up – even the best dancers would ask specific dance questions that benefitted newcomers.

Although this class was fun, don’t let the open experience fool you. The class is a challenge – we’ve learned not to go into one class expecting to pick it up quickly because it doesn’t always turn out that way. Instead, we recommend taking a couple of classes and watching your improvement.

We asked some of our fellow classmates why they continue to take jazz funk, and every single answer was a positive one. Many referred to Hoffapuir as their reason for coming back and his ability to teach the routine step-by-step. Others say they love that the class isn’t intimidating, is relaxing and fills a gap for classes of the adult age group.

Both adult hip-hop and jazz funk classes are on Wednesdays. To learn about when the next class is, we recommend following Dylon Hoffpauir on Instagram or visiting the GymFit website here.

Want to be a part of DIG Tries? You can email hello@digbr.com.


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