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DIG’s guide to being a better football fan in 2016

Summer is here, which means that the LSU football season is right around the corner—a joyous time for folks all across the great state of Louisiana.

Football season is like Christmas for sports fans—a five-month festival of entertainment where every, single weekend is filled with non-stop excitement and fun.

It’s a time when legends are made, goliaths cross paths and battle and we live and die on every, single play in every, single game. It’s when a small, undersized New Orleans boy with a blonde Mohawk evolves from Tyrann Mathieu into the Honey Badger. It’s when Leonard Fournette does the Heisman Trophy pose after barreling through defenders and waltzing into the end zone. It’s when we root against Alabama every, single game­—no matter who they’re playing. It’s nothing new to the folks in Baton Rouge. Most of us know the routine and we relish the drama about to take place.

But what about those who aren’t traditional football fans? How do we convert them over and train them how to fit into this non-stop party that’s about to lie ahead?

With the season almost here, we’ve created a rookie’s guide containing some dos and don’ts when rooting for the Tigers–either in the stadium or at home with friends. Even if you don’t have a clue what the heck is going on, follow these simple steps and you’ll fit into the party nicely, and all will be well.

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Photo from DIG archives.


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