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Dining Out: All you can enjoy

Buffets haven’t had the greatest reputation over the past few years. Being bombarded with Jeff Foxworthy endorsed Golden Corral commercials hasn’t done the industry any favors, but that’s not to say that this take-what-you-want dining experience isn’t without its gems. Here in Baton Rouge alone, we have plenty of delicious and affordable options for buffets.



Located in the Northgate shopping area, Kaminari isn’t a secret to LSU students. For $10, the hostess hands you a to-go plate, and you’re off to the races. Fill it up as plentifully as you can. They’ll charge you extra for reaching a certain weight limit, but this sushi and hibachi joint has always got fresh rolls ready to go on the plate whenever you arrive. You can also get a Lo Mein order fried up right on the spot just by adding the raw ingredients to the plate and handing it off to the cook. It’s a unique way to go about ordering your food that guarantees no mistakes.


Bon Temps Buffet

This all you can eat spot is part of the L’Auberge Casino on the river, so it’s 21 years old and up only. If you meet that requirement, you’ve got access to a plentiful buffet that’s got American, Cajun, Asian and other types of cuisine ready to go at the drop of a hat. It’s a bit pricier than some other options, but the quality you pay for is well worth the extra few bucks. They’ve also got a takeout option that includes an $18 brunch on the weekends. For the picky eaters in the family who can’t seem to make up their minds, this is a must visit.


India’s Restaurant

Indian food is pretty unknown to the average diner. Curry, tikka masala and tandoori may be dishes you’ve never heard of before, and in that case, rush to India’s Restaurant ASAP. Indian food is some of the most exotic and delicious cuisines around. It’s got a way of melding together ingredients no other type of food would think to put together and forming something unreal with it. India’s Restaurant has a daily buffet that showcases their exemplary grub, so pop in and take a little of everything that looks interesting to open your eyes to a whole new take on food.


Texas de Brazil

By far the most expensive option on the list is Texas de Brazil, but if the question is ‘bang for your buck’ this place is tough to beat. For the uninitiated, this all you can eat meat joint sits you down for about $50 and brings huge stakes of meat to your table continually. Exotic steaks like Brazilian Alcatra and leg of lamb are there for the enjoying, along with classics like bacon wrapped filet mignon and parmesan crusted pork loin. Waiters bring the meats over to your table on stakes and depending on whether or not your card is on green for go and red for stop, they’ll be offered to you. And because it’s all paid for ahead of time, there’s no shame in trying a little bit of everything. Texas de Brazil also has an astounding salad bar and some of the tastiest lobster bisque you’ve ever had, so this would be a great pick for special occasions.


Buffets are a dying art. Granted, the artisanal wave of handcrafted burgers and beers are great. But, that doesn’t mean buffets have nothing left to offer. Eating this way is a steal when it comes to your wallet and gut, and picking the right buffets instead of the cheap chains is a surefire way to get top notch food. For your money, these are some of the finest spots to enjoy all you can eat.


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