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Dining Out: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in a fresh way

It’s no surprise that most people associate Cinco de Mayo with margaritas. However, some may be looking for a new version of the classic to try on this May 5. Here are three different spins on the standard margarita, and a couple of alternative cocktails, to try and enjoy.

Cucumber Jalapeno: 

This is a simple spin on the classic. It’s refreshing with a kick and perfect for Cinco de Mayo. All it requires is a standard recipe for a margarita on the rocks. Then, add in a few slices of cucumber and half a slice of jalapeno and it’s done.


Pomegranate Margaritas may seem a bit seasonal, but this fruity twist to your average margarita is good all year round. This one can be enjoyed frozen or on the rocks. Simply substitute the orange liquor you would use in a standard margarita with a white, then add about a fourth cup of pomegranate juice. Combine in a shaker for on the rocks or in a blender with ice for frozen.


This variation of a margarita is perfect for Cinco de Mayo in Louisiana. This spicy version of the classic includes chili-infused tequila and tabasco sauce. The chili-infused tequila has to be started at least the day before. Add a couple of halved jalapeno and serrano peppers to about a cup of tequila, then strain the tequila into a cup or jar the next day. Use a few ounces of the chili infused tequila and a splash or tabasco sauce in your margarita recipe and you’re done. Garnish with a leftover pepper if you’re brave enough.



For those who like tequila but margaritas aren’t their speed, a Paloma is perfect. It’s a simple two ingredient cocktail. Simply combine a shot or two of tequila with grapefruit soda in a glass. Garnish with a lime and you’re ready to enjoy. An easy and refreshing alternative to the traditional Cinco de Mayo drink of choice.


Most people may think about tequila for Cinco de Mayo, but it may just not be your speed. For those who prefer a good brew to a shot of tequila, this one is for you. This beer-based cocktail with a kick is great if spice is desired but strong liquor is not. To start, salt the rim of a glass as you would for a margarita. Pour in a pilsner type beer and add the juice of one lime, a dash of Worcestershire sauce and a splash of hot sauce.


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