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Dining Out: Jay Ducote to launch taco stand in White Star Market

Baton Rouge’s very own Jay Ducote has recently announced his latest business venture, Gov’t Taco. The launch will take place in early 2017 and will be one of the booths in White Star Market food hall, which is part of the Square 46 development on Government Street.

“This is the right kind of development at the right time, and in the right location,” says Ducote when asked about Square 46. “That’s why I wanted to be a part of White Star Market and why Gov’t Taco was born.”

Ducote was a finalist on Season 11 of “Food Network Star” and is the creator of the blog and radio show Bite & Booze. The blog chronicles Ducote’s culinary experiences throughout not only the Baton Rouge area but throughout his travels as well. The radio show airs on Talk 107.3 FM on Saturdays at 5 p.m. and the blog can be found at biteandbooze.com.

The concept behind Gov’t Taco is not to be an authentic Mexican taco taqueria, but instead to bring Ducote’s food to the public.

“The taco is just a vessel to be able to be creative with different flavor combinations and different ingredients,” says Ducote. “This is the perfect type of food to have at this type of market because it’s easy to consume.”

Although the menu is still in the early stages of development, Ducote plans to have “quite a bit of barbeque” on it, including a smoked brisket taco with pickled red onion and his signature rub and sauce. He also plans to make the tortillas from scratch and offer a variety of tortillas to go with each signature flavor combination. “Every taco on the menu is going to be a signature concept,” says Ducote about the menu. “It’s going to be very creative, and the flavors we put together on each taco will be very well thought out.”

That’s all Ducote would reveal about his menu because he hopes to assemble a small group of experienced staff to join his team and help develop these signature combinations, as well as help with expanding his product line. This team will run the day-to-day operations of Gov’t Taco while Ducote continues to grow the Bite & Booze brand.

“I’m really using this as a way to grow my team and to continue to grow everything that I do,” Ducote said. “I’m definitely not going to stop the blog or the radio show or the travel.”

As of now, Gov’t Taco is expected to be open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Friday, with Saturdays being open for all shifts, and a brunch service on Sunday.

“We still have to figure out what the prime hours of the market are once it’s opened,” says Ducote. “We’re going to have to be flexible with the hours.”

Patrons will also be able to pick up Ducote’s signature barbeque sauce and molasses mustard, as well as his other products, at the booth. To find out more about Jay Ducote and Gov’t Taco, check out Gov’t Taco on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Photo courtesy of Jay Ducote.


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