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Dining Out: Tin Roof to celebrate American Craft Beer Week

From May 16-22, craft breweries across the country are bringing out specialty beers for American Craft Beer Week. This year marks the 10th anniversary since American Craft Beer Week was first celebrated, and Baton Rouge’s own Tin Roof Brewing Company is taking part in the celebration.

As far as this year’s celebration goes, Tin Roof will be drawing its attention to its House Beer series that was released in late 2015, according to River Hughey, the director of marketing and special events for Tin Roof Brewing Company. It’s not a surprise that Tin Roof is focusing on its creative brews. According to craftbeer.com, the United States is now home to more than “4,200 small and independent craft brewers and Americans’ interest and excitement for craft beer is at historic levels.”

“It’s a really good way for all the breweries to come together, especially in Louisiana. There’s so few of us in Louisiana that it really gives us a chance to come together and make a push for craft beer,” Hughey said. “Over the last few years craft beers have grown tremendously but there are still people who don’t know about craft beer, and they’re either so set in their ways that they don’t want to try it, or they’re nervous to try it because they don’t think they’re going to like it. And it really just gives us a chance to present some cool, fun beers to people who normally wouldn’t try it.”

Tin Roof will be releasing an American Hoppy Wheat and along with that a couple of specialty beers, including Blueberry Yonder Hefe and Apricot Turnrow

“So Yonder Hefe is our spring seasonal, and we’re infusing it with blueberry, which is really, really good,” Hughey said. “Turnrow is our coriander ale, and we’re going to infuse that with apricot.”

According to Hughey, the blueberry and apricot flavors were selected for their association with spring as well as how they draw out the beer’s natural flavors.

“The blueberry really brings out the flavor in the Hefe,” Hughey said. “It already has a bready, almost a banana flavor, and so when you mix that blueberry in it, it’s so delicious. And the apricot pairs really well with the coriander. So, essentially, the flavors are based on the flavors that already exist in these beers, and we’re just trying to really bring those out.”

Another beer that will be featured is the Coffee Almond Perfect Tin, which is their amber ale. The added notes are said to really complement the chocolate flavor in the ale.

“The almond and coffee really bring that out,” Hughey said. “We’re just trying to find flavors that would enhance how good our beers really are.”

There will also be other specialty beers that will be revealed throughout the week as a surprise.

Typically the House Beers will only be available from the brewery’s tap room, but for American Craft Beer Week, Tin Roof is “spreading the love” by sending the House Beers to a few select retailers.

“I really like working with the retailers,” Hughey said. “They support us, and this is our way of saying thank you to them.”

The House Beers will also still be featured at their tap room on 1624 Wyoming St.

“This is going to be a chance for people to taste a beer they normally wouldn’t be able to get from us,” Hughey said. “A lot of them are small, single batch beers that we’ll probably never do again, but it allows them to be a part of something really special, and that’s really exciting.”


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