Dig Baton Rouge


By Matt Starlight

Posted up a decent distance away from campus on Perkins Road is a po boy place that unassumingly churns out juicy sandwiches and seafood for a hungry local community called Marty J’s.

The place isn’t much at first glance as Marty J’s seems to skip the novelty nonsense that other sandwich places seem to make a living out of. Nothing but a counter, plenty of tables, and friendly service can be found through the glass doors, but rest assured, that’s all you need.

Locals sit and chat like old friends at their tables and it’s clear how much of a staple this place is for those who live in the neighborhood. There’s a big, welcoming sign on the street, but I’d be surprised if that’s what got anyone into the doors.

No, the real draw here is clearly the roast beef po-boy, which seemed to be the unanimous hit by an unofficial eyeballing of the food everyone else was eating and ordering.

The larger sandwich is 10 inches long and every bit of it is sopping with juicy roast beef and gravy. The meat is piled on high with just the essential toppings of mayo, lettuce, tomato, and pickle on perfectly chewy po-boy bread. The sandwich is a sloppy mess to handle, which is exactly the way we like it. Gravy drips onto your fingers and back on the plate when you try to pick it up, but don’t opt for a fork. It’s all part of the experience. Just be sure to keep plenty of napkins on hand and prepare to sleep like a baby as this mountainous sandwich completely fills you up and leaves you satisfied.


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