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DISH: Gelato at Zocalisa

By Quinn Welsch

When your chocolate is derived from an ancient Mayan recipe, you know it’s going to be good.

Enter Zocalisa’s Café.

Zocalisa’s has offered a traditional chocolate taste in a creamy Italian gelato that has been catching a local buzz since the café opened in October.

The café’s chocolate gelato is a solid balance of about 70 percent Costa Rican cocoa with just the right amount of fruit acidity. That makes for a creamy dark chocolate with notable bite. A delicious first step into dark territory for even the milk chocolate lovers. It’s enough to keep your taste buds on edge, but not enough to leave you wiping your tongue with a napkin.

Not into chocolate? The café offers an array of other flavors, from pistachio, to raspberry, to maple bacon. Not to mention a selection of different flavored chocolate candies (also made with Costa Rican chocolate).

“Zocalisa” comes from the Mayan name for chocolate xocolatl, mixed with the name of store owner Alissa Dickey.

A bowl of Zocalisa’s gelato ranges from $3.75-$5.50. If you’re feeling especially depraved you can pick it up in a pint or quart.


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