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DIY Design

By Tara Bennett

Designing a home can be an exciting challenge. Everyone has their own tastes and ideas about how their home should look and feel, right down to how the light interacts in their rooms. Not sure what to do? Take your creative spirit and run with it. I work a part-time job at an art gallery, and I take numerous nods from my experience working there in cultivating a beautiful environment at home. Take a look inside my apartment, and get your own creative juices flowing.

Be Clean, Not Sterile

I would never want people to come to an art opening if the gallery wasn’t presentable, and that is something I definitely bring back home. Before even attempting to re-design your apartment, you first need to learn general cleanliness. No one is going to want to take you seriously seeing beer bottles strewn about, along with an unmade bed and used dishes lying everywhere.

Think About the Big Picture First

Just like when choosing an outfit, start with the basics, and then accessorize. Your apartment decorating should start with foundational elements: sofa, rug, coffee table, etc. and build from there.

Get Your Hands on Some Wall Art

Since we’re not in high school anymore, it’s time to ditch the posters. You don’t have to leave your walls blank though. Take a trip to Goodwill or a consignment store for some cheap, framed artwork that you can proudly display. A tapestry would also take care of a lot of extra wall space and add texture too. (And if you really cannot say goodbye to that old poster, go get it framed.)

Put Up Photos

In addition to hanging up some art, display some photos on your shelves or wall. Pick photos that say something about your life, your family, your travels, etc. Pictures are some of the easiest conversation starters.

Display Your Personality

It’s more than okay to keep your nerdy stuff out. Don’t feel the need to hide yourself. If there is something you enjoy, you should want your friends to know at first glance the


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