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By Matt Starlight

With the recent onslaught of craft beer available for your tasting pleasure and bars with over 100 taps and nowhere to start, picking anything can be a daunting process, especially when beers are getting up into $6, $7 range.

But, Tin Roof’s tap room is making life a little easier by selling their limited edition Passport Series for anyone lucky enough to make their way over there in the coming weeks.

What they’ve done is taken their classic Tin Roof Blonde Ale and made it with yeast from all around the world. This week, they’ve taken inspiration from Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Canada. What this does is let us get a little idea of what beer is like across the globe, without committing too hard to a full pint that’s entirely foreign. No, this strikes just the right balance of familiarity and exotic goodness.

The Swedish take on Tin Roof Blonde Ale has a surprisingly strong, hoppy taste that would do well by any IPA fans out there. It’s got that earthy, leafy feel to it that actually does well with the notes of caramel malt sweetness.

The Nordic version is most like our American version, but with just an extra punch of flavor. That lemon and grain flavor that you’re used to get’s taken up a bit with Nordic yeast as this variation get’s you a big more bang for your buck.

The German yeast actually gives the Blonde a nice sweetness to it that was a bit of a surprise. There are definite honey and floral notes, but this isn’t overpoweringly sweet, it hits a balance that more neophyte beer drinks would enjoy.

The Canadian Blonde should read abandon all hope all ye who enter here! Their version is a malty, bitter take that beer aficionados would rally behind with ease, but may give the Smirnoff drinkers of the world a bit of a challenge.

The Passport Series is ending soon, so be sure to stop into the Tin Roof Tap Room this week for your last chance at these deliciously unique brews, and be prepared for their second installment later this season for five brand new countries.


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