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Drink: Best Damn Cherry Cola

Despite what health professionals say about how terrible, unhealthy or just plain bad soda is for you, people still seem to be buying it by the barrel. Walk down the soda aisle at Winn Dixie or Wal-Mart and you’ll find shelf after shelf stuffed with carbonated goodness of all shapes and sizes. Vanilla Coke, Mountain Dew, Grape Fanta and the rest of the intestine-destroying gang are there, along with their pseudo-healthy partners like Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Vitamin Water (yes, that’s bad for you, too).

And while the masses flocking to these beverages to fill the fridge at their backyard barbecues doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, if you choose to indulge, at least make it worth your while by picking up the alcoholic version instead.

The Best Damn Root Beer brand has swept the nation. We’ve covered it in DIG more than a few times, but now, the drink of the week is another product of the same company: Best Damn Cherry Cola.

Long before Coca-Cola and Pepsi started manufacturing cherry flavored drinks for sale, people would drop a handful of cherries into normal soda for a fruity and flavorful twist. Now, you can tap into that sweet flavor and the magical powers of alcohol in the same bottle.

The booze-filled soda pop would go perfectly with a gourmet hot dog, a picnic in the park or some casual pre-gaming before a big night out.

Best Damn Cherry Cola isn’t perfect. It’s got a syrup-esque quality to it that is bound to turn some people off. On the other hand, its carbonation levels are great, and despite being filled with booze, really does nail that classic cherry cola flavor. Love of soda begins as a kid so for those whose childhoods molded them into adult lovers of the bubbly beverage; this may strike the perfect balance between nostalgia and your weekend plans.








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