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Drink: Green Beer @ Happy’s Irish Pub

St. Patrick’s Day has always been known as the beer drinker’s Christmas. Well, it may not be known as that, but people across the globe have celebrated this popular holiday with a pint of their pub’s finest ale for decades.

Those beers can come in all shapes and colors. Your lighter ales lean toward the brighter, paler yellow, some carry a more reddish hue while diving headfirst into the stouts will get earn you a mustache darker than Daniel Plainview’s himself.

The color we don’t often hear about, however, is green. But, in a few days, that won’t be the case. Yes, on St. Patrick’s Day, green beer is the only way to drink, and the best place to drink it is Happy’s Irish Pub.

Happy’s has been the hotspot of the Baton Rouge St. Patrick’s Day celebrations since it opened shop back in 2006. Its green beer has been a staple of this wonderful holiday ever since. It tastes just like the beer you’ve come to know and love, but throw in some food coloring, and you’ve got a drink that’s made specifically to celebrate the other holiday season, and that alone can make it taste even sweeter. A couple of pints of these bad boys and you’ll be showing off those pearly greens, ready to tackle a leprechaun or party with the Dropkick Murphys.

On the bar’s monthly St. Practice Day (the 17th of each month), green beers are only $1 a piece so you can expect more great deals for the real day.

Beer on St. Patrick’s Day is a tradition that everyone (over 21 of course) can rally behind. Be a part of the celebration at Happy’s Irish Pub with a pint of green ale.


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