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Drink: Korova Milk Porter with Peanut Butter by Gnarly Barley

You see them in the bars now and then. Not the ones your classmates frequent, but maybe on those occasions outside of the bass-pumping Tigerland scene. It’s much more likely at a beer enthusiast’s pub that you’ll run into someone drinking beer so dark and mysterious that Idris Elba himself would furrow his brow at the very sight of it. Those who drink porter beers are few and far between in this country, but rest assured — they form an exclusive coalition of drinkers who’ve acclimated themselves to a malty taste so strong and niche that spotting another member is like picking out another Fight Club on the street. You both know what’s going down.

That’s all a bit of an embellishment, but drinking porter beer is a challenge for most, but it doesn’t have to be. Louisiana-born brewery Gnarly Barley has recently released a new beer called the Korova Milk Porter with Peanut Butter that could serve as an introduction to this other world of beer.

This dark brew for your sweet tooth has hints of hot chocolate and roasted malt. It’s a deep brown color with a head the color of cardboard (in a good way). There are milky hints as well, but this strange flavor combination is taken to a new level with the inclusion of peanut butter flavoring. Reese’s would be proud to endorse a boozy beverage whose signature flavor combo is the same as theirs.

Chocolate beer hasn’t taken off yet in the United States, but there’s no reason to believe it won’t soon. The influx of soda flavored booze has blown up across the nation, so why shouldn’t this other sweet take on a classic beer?

Whether or not you agree that chocolate peanut butter beer is something this country needs, there’s no denying that it’s something this country could enjoy. Finally, a chance for some solidarity. Rally behind the Korova Milk Porter with Peanut Butter.


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