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Drink: Lowerline Sour Beer @ Nola Brewing Co.

Sour beers are a rare breed. Everyone loves their classic ales and lagers, but expanding your horizons to include this fruitier alternative means being able to choose the perfect beer for more and more situations. Your beer league kickball team or kayaking through the lakes could only be improved by the inclusion of a tasty sour beer, so next time your outdoor adventures call for a bit of a buzz, make sure to a pack a six pack of NOLA’s Lowerline sour beer.

This sour beer has a cloudy, medium golden amber color that looks as good as it tastes. A bright white head quickly forms when poured into a glass, but leaves a bit to be desired for carbonation. On the nose, you’re hit with notes of apple juice, overall tartness and even a bit of tomato if you pay close attention. It’s an odd, but altogether sweet and satisfying scent that gives a good indication of what’s to come. It tastes sour for sure, but there’s more to it than that. It’s got hints of apple juice, sourdough bread and an oaky twist for some extra complexity. It would be a perfect companion at your favorite outdoor drinking spot or for someone whose flavor palate doesn’t do well with more traditional brews.

The great thing about beer is the diversity. Some prefer beer darker than Colombian coffee with similar flavors while others want sweet, light and fruity beers that go down easy. No matter your preference, though, it’s all beer, which, in a way, brings people together. If you’re more the former than the latter, don’t shun those whose preferences don’t line up with yours. Accept that beers come in all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors and that the great diversity of it is what makes it so special. If you’re in the sweet and fruity camp, the NOLA Lowerline is a perfect choice.


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