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Drink: Piña Colada @ The Rum House

One of the most classic of all frozen cocktails is a tropical concoction made of (what seems to be) all of a pirate’s favorite food and drink. The Piña Colada is a white girl wasted icon so popular that songs have been written in its honor and seemingly every restaurant with booze on the shelves has its own take on it. Wherever you get one, the drink follows a basic recipe of rum, coconut milk and pineapple juice. Some places add garnishes like pineapple slices or cherries, and other places add wildly original ingredients like Kahlua or melon flavored liqueur.

Whether you opt for the variations or the classic recipe, the best place to get your hands on one is the Rum House.

Rum House takes pride in its rum (obviously), so we’re off to a good start getting a buzz on there. The Piña Colada is based on rum and getting that drink from a place whose namesake boasts their collection is a good sign. The frozen drink comes in a tall hurricane glass that will look familiar to frequenters of Bourbon Street, but this drink is more likely to stay in your memory than anything drunk on that wasteland of debauchery.

The Rum House Piña Colada is a sweet, creamy drink that goes down smooth. Frozen beverages typically drink easier than their liquid relatives, and this drink is no exception. Keep an eye on your limits because tasting the alcohol in this drink is like tasting the grape flavor in your childhood tummy ache medicine  — almost impossible. It sits in your belly with the cool hint of fruity flavor cools you off on even the hottest of spring afternoons.

Beach season is around the corner, so before you hit the Gulf with homemade Piña Coladas in hand, stop by the Rum House for a cheap lesson on how it’s done.


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