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Drink: Root Beer Float from Frostop

Root beer floats are an American tradition. Popping over by the malt shop after school, rocking those leather jackets and skirts with the poodles on them and sipping down a tall root beer float is what our grandparents did, and they looked damn fine doing it.
Obvious references to Grease aside, root beer floats have been and continue to be one of the tastiest treats you can indulge in. Rich, creamy vanilla ice cream and bubbly, fresh root beer come together in the confines of a frosty mug for about 20 minutes that you’ll always want back.
And if you want to be sure that your float comes in the right frosty mug, what better place than Frostop to guarantee your satisfaction.
Frostop has been around since the ‘20s, and they’re so good at these floats that their store sign is literally a frosted ceramic mug with root beer in it. If that’s not dedication to the craft, then nothing is.
Evoking their rich heritage, this classic diner whips up some of the most flavorful floats you’ll ever have in your life. The fresh ice cream softens up when the bubbly root beer pours over, making it easy to enjoy. Not too cold to where you can’t enjoy it, but just cold enough so that you’ve got nothing to focus on but the flavor. Condensation wets your hands as you go bottoms up to polish it off. It’s a simple feeling, but one that speaks volumes.
Places like Frostop are hard to come by, so be sure to enjoy their signature treat when you can.


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