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Drink: Which hard root beer takes the cake?

Hard root beer is the most recent phenomenon of the alcoholic community. A handful of brands have swept the nation and made this childhood treat into the boozy delight that adults crave, but which is the best? There are a few options to consider when perusing the grocery store for your soda pop buzz, so take your time, check out your options, and know that no matter which of these you choose, you win.

3. Best Damn Root Beer

Although this list doesn’t consider it the “best” as they like to call it that certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t worth your attention. Laced with equal parts profanity and alcohol, the Best Damn Root Beer stands at a modest 5.5 percent ABV, so knocking back a couple of these won’t kill ya. What it will do, however, is set you up for a nice buzz that goes just right with the warming weather. The carbonation and head leave some to be desired, but the taste is of soft vanilla and caramel sweetness.

2. Abita Bayou Bootlegger Hard Root Beer

Not long ago, Abita unveiled its entry to the hard root beer market: The Bayou Bootlegger. They’ve long been a major player in the beer game in the South, so it should come as no surprise that anyone is looking to usurp that throne wouldn’t be doing so without a fight. Abita comes out swinging with this brew, which hides the boozy flavor spectacularly behind a flurry of vanilla, oak and wintergreen notes. For the loyalist to local goods, this brew should be on your radar.

1. Not Your Father’s Root Beer

It may not be the original hard root beer, but it’s the domino that created the effect. The brown bottle clad with the old time gentleman is unmistakable now as the go-to brew for the hard root beer fan. It sits at 5.9 percent ABV, identical to the Bayou Bootlegger, but somehow manages to incorporate just a bit more flavor than its Louisiana rival. This brew is the toughest to tell apart from its virgin counterpart, and that makes this the brew to beat. It’s bubbly, flavorful and packs just the right kick.

These are all fine choices for your childhood-inspired binge, so drink up and reminisce about times long past.


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