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Drink: Wine Flight @ Blend

USA Today ran a story a few weeks ago that alleged  millennials are responsible for nearly half of all wine consumed in the United States (42 percent last year, to be exact). While I don’t care for the “millennial” label, nor for studies and articles lumping millions of people together into a category that our elders created and scoff at just for the sake of their perceived superiority, I have to admit that this seems about right. The younger crowd does seem to be downing wine like water and the advent of the wine flight is a pretty strong indication that the statistics are true.

Blend, a relatively new restaurant to take up residence in Baton Rouge, is offering flights of wine, which is three small glasses of different wines designed to give patrons a little taste of multiple options. It’s been a staple in the beer community for some time now, and it’s finally making the jump to wine.

Reviewing a flight of wine, which could include over 50 different blends, is an exercise in futility; the beauty of the flight is that it’s whatever you want it to be. If you’re a white wine person, you’ve got plenty of choices to oblige your tastes. Red drinkers—same deal. Even if you don’t know exactly which you’d prefer, that’s the whole point. Think of this as your chance to discover your favorite new blend without buying bottle after bottle at the grocery store or a parade of glasses at a wine bar. Surprise yourself with something you’ve never had before. If you like it, perfect. If you don’t, move on to the next glass.

Customize your wine experience with a flight and find your new favorite at Blend. Just don’t do it because you’re a millennial. Do it because it’s awesome.












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