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By Matt Starlight

If you’re not drinking the right beer at your tailgate, the idea of ABC making you pour it all over your shoes isn’t nearly as awful as it should be. Get the right brew in that solo cup though, and it almost makes hightailing it into the crowd a viable option (but one that we would not recommend). While kegs of Natty Light are easy to come by, we at DIG like to put a little more effort into our gameday buzz. Therefore, allow us to humbly recommend the aptly named Gameday IPA from Louisiana’s own Tin Roof Brewing Company.

Rocking the football field green color, the Gameday IPA makes a stellar choice for your mid-morning beer. To start, it’s got a beautiful bright golden color that’s a pleasure on the eyes as it pours from the can. A thick pearl white head of foam builds up, enticing the senses even more. We’re off on the right foot here.

Next, you’ve got the scent. It’s a fruity beer, but named IPA for a reason. You’ve got a range of notes to capture as you move it up to your face, like mango, pineapple, peach, passion fruit, and plenty of piney notes for good measure. It smells as wonderful as it looks, so in keeping with tradition, it tastes fantastic too.

Tin Roof knows what it’s like to stand around for 8 hours in the hot sun with nothing but beer and jambalaya at your disposal, so they crafted a brew that’s perfect for just that. It’s a light beer that doesn’t sit too hard in your gut, tastes of sweet fruits and earthy barley, and packs just enough punch for a nice buzz that won’t get you wasted before noon.

A six-pack of these is sure to be a winner at your tailgate, so pick some up and toss them in the cooler for when Natty Light gets too hard to stomach.


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