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By Katie East

Laziness is one of those things that’s fairly black and white; you either are or you aren’t. But is laziness a trait that is engrained in your DNA? And if so, is there anything you can do to change it? And why am I asking so many questions like some lazy opinion writer who can’t form her own declarative statements?

In the past few years I’ve become lazy-phobic. I’ve even become intolerant of my friends who are lazy. I think laziness is a lifestyle that someone chooses, not something they’re born with. How much someone can achieve is based on nurture, not nature. And furthermore, I’m just noticing how much better this argument is against lazy people than it is against gay people.

Personally, I can attest that the laziness habit can be broken. Unfortunately, I don’t have any before or after photos like those people with the Lap Band surgery, but my life has changed just as dramatically since I decided to quit being lazy.

Only a couple of years ago I would think nothing of drinking all night after work on a Friday night and then laying in bed all day watching TV. Now, I can’t imagine sleeping more than nine hours, and I’m disgusted by the thought of eating fast food while lying down.

I had somehow convinced myself I deserved to be lazy after work and on the weekends because I had a very high stress job. I learned after a rough few months that my laziness was not earned and it was not warranted.

I now realize that my laziness was just a byproduct of my other bad habit: drinking too much on the weekends. It wasn’t a way of life or something I couldn’t change; it was just another bad habit I had to kick. I also learned to never text someone you’re dating “I have Five Guys in my bed and I’m not moving.” It always gets misconstrued.

I’m not the only person who fails to accomplish goals because they think they’ve earned some downtime. Rewards are good to give yourself, but you have to have actually achieved something to get that reward.

I know some women that think they “deserve” daily desserts or weekly manicures just for being themselves! No. You can allow yourself a small sweet when on a diet or reward yourself with a service at the spa if you saved extra money one month. You don’t get an adult treat though just because you woke up again.

The simple truth is lazy people are rarely happy. Like my drinking, laziness is usually just a symptom of another issue: poor eating, depression, low self-esteem, etc. If you neglect important daily/weekly goals like cleaning yourself or your home then you’re probably not killing it at life.

I’m still really good friends with many people I went to high school with. Almost any time a few of us get together we all inevitably talk shit about one person that’s not there. It’s usually under the guise that we’re “worried about them.” Some of those times we generally are concerned. Most of the time though we’re just casually judging how their life turned out different than we thought it would.

Recently, I mentioned a friend who did nothing but sit around and watch TV all day. He didn’t have a job and yet he always complained he never had time to clean the house.

“He does nothing all day, is constantly losing jobs and can barely take care of himself,” I said. “He has no aspiration to do anything more with his life. I really just don’t understand it.”

“Not everyone has to do a million things like you, Katie,” one of my friends said. “Some people are content by just living their life.”
Touché. He did prove a point in a way. Then again, he sells pot and his wisdom should not be taken too seriously.

I replaced my half hectic and half drunk lifestyle with nonstop go getting. I feel like if I relax for too long I’ll fall back into a lazy lifestyle again. That doesn’t mean what I do is ideal for everyone. People still need their downtime as long as it doesn’t interfere with achieving necessary personal goals.

Maintaining a well-balanced life isn’t enough for me. Everyone should constantly be growing and changing, even if it’s in a small way: read a book, take a class or learn a new sport. The key to an anti-lazy lifestyle is the same as with Newton’s first law of motion. An object in motion will stay in motion; you just gotta start moving.


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