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East of the River: April 16, 2014

By Katie East

In Louisiana, we don’t always have a distinct four seasons. After the seemingly never-ending winter we just had, it’s time to really celebrate springtime. Christmas is already a distant memory and summer vacation seems a world away. Now that the weather is finally getting nice, take the time to enjoy a break, some new beginnings and even a fresh start.

You know all that spring imagery: fresh white eggs, baby chicks and procreating bunnies. Christians and pagans alike can agree on these seasonal symbols. Lent might have been your time for penance, but spring has other important rituals that everyone should follow.

Every New Year people fill their resolution lists with lofty goals and other unattainable feats. It’s halfway through April; most of us have come to terms with our resolution failure. Still, the weather is changing and flowers are blooming. It’s a good time to get some perspective on life and instill some positive changes.

It’s easy to put off exercising in the cold of winter and even easier in the humid genital summer season. Currently? There’s no excuse except allergies. Here’s my advice: Benadryl at night, Zyrtec, Nasacourt and the occasional behind-the-counter Sudafed.

Sudafed is more than just a mini-meth pick-me-up. It cures any inner ear itches, sinus discomfort or pressure in the head. You know you’re getting the good stuff when you have to sign your name at the pharmacy.

You certainly shouldn’t take all of those medications everyday, but have them in your medicine cabinet ready to go so you can actually enjoy physical activities outdoor. Grab a special someone and enjoy an adorable outdoor date with a partner. Remember that procreating bunny imagery? Your loins need to come out of hibernating, too.

It’s important to give yourself little gifts. No, you don’t need to buy expensive new electronics or a shopping spree or be like those desperate housewives who think they “deserve” everything. Rewarding yourself with a little vacation is the perfect pick-me-up that you really have earned.

Everyone needs a spring break. For college students a trip should be a necessity. If you have the time off you should use it. “Chilling at home” is never a good enough plan for the week of spring break. Getting out and going somewhere will keep you from going crazy before summer finally arrives.

Spring break isn’t just for college students. Everyone deserves a little bit of a vacation without having to wait for summer. Treat yourself on a weekend trip to a nearby beach or plan a camping trip. Take a mental and physical break, especially if you’ve endured some recent personal cleansing.

Lent is like a cleanse for your soul and spring-cleaning a cleanse for your brain. It should be a just as necessary yearly process. Having a garage sale or even just cleaning out your closet will make you feel better throughout the whole year.

Even if you’re in college, it feels good to have your things in order. It’s why the Container Store exists and why Target sells polka-dotted plastic bins to college kids everywhere. It’s just plain satisfying to put things into other things. It’s why the Tumblr Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things exists.

You should always have a place for the stuff you use on a daily basis. If you don’t use it at least once a week then store it! It’s worth it to take 15 minutes to find something in storage you only use once a year than to have it taking up valuable space everyday. You don’t have to be OCD to feel claustrophobic by your own clutter.

Make the best of your break this week. Spend some time with family and friends, relax and start a new. Lent is soon over and instead of falling back into old habits of cursing and eating junk, why not keep that squeaky clean feeling for at least a couple more months? Who said you can’t make Easter or Passover resolutions? The weather is ripe for new beginnings.


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