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East of the River: Don’t mess with Texas—even the vets shoot to kill

By Katie East

If you own a TV, computer, or smart phone, then you’ve probably seen the gruesome photo that went viral a couple week’s back of a Texas veterinarian who shot and killed a cat with a bow and arrow. The young, attractive, female vet posted the picture on her Facebook account with a nonchalant and disturbing caption:

“My first bow kill, lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s head! Vet of the year award…Gladly accepted.”

The vet, Dr. Kristen Lindsey, even included some emojis to further prove what good spirits she was in about her “accomplishment.”

This post started a firestorm on social media. Regardless if the animal was feral or not, people wanted justice for the inhumane way this vet went about executing a living creature. Animal rights supporters demanded Lindsey’s veterinary license revoked and criminal charges filed.

To her surprise, Lindsey was fired from her animal clinic in Brenham, Texas. Not too long before the Washington Animal Clinic made a statement of her dismissal, Lindsey reportedly posted on her Facebook page: “No I did not lose my job. Lol. Psshh. Like someone would get rid of me. I’m awesome!”

Even worse news came for Lindsey in the following days. Turns out, the cat wasn’t feral. In fact, the cat was more than likely an elderly couple’s pet named Tiger who went missing the same day Lindsey posted the photo of her “kill.”

Oftentimes I feel bad for people who post something stupid on social media only to have their whole lives turned upside down. Somebody posts a racist or insensitive joke without thinking and America shames them into getting fired and hating themselves. Even when I loathe what they posted, I feel kind of bad.

But in this case, I don’t feel even a bit of remorse for this Dr. Lindsey. Honestly, she doesn’t even deserve the title. I’m not sure what to call her. This vet? This woman? This human? It seems like all of these terms are too good for this creature, Kristen Lindsey.

I’ll try to put my extreme animal loving nature aside to look at this from every angle, and give her the benefit of the doubt.

Before it came out that the cat was not feral, I saw some people mildly defending her actions on social media. Her method wasn’t perfect, but feral cats can be a real problem. As a vet, she was looking out for the greater good by getting rid of one cat who could reproduce many more.


Right. So, let’s say this was her motivation. Her neighborhood was rampant with feral cats, and she was just taking care of business and having a little laugh afterward at the expense of this nuisance animal.

In many towns, there are free neutering and spay days for cats. You can bring in as many cats as you can wrangle and they’ll all be neutered or spayed for free. I can only assume, as a practicing veterinarian, Lindsey could find a way to get feral cats spayed on the cheap.

So, I’m gonna go ahead and say this wasn’t her main motivation. Plus, her callous and prideful Facebook post after the event shows that helping other animals probably wasn’t her concern.

Also, let’s remember this cat was a pet, not a feral beast as she had claimed. This isn’t an easy mistake to make, especially for a vet who sees indoor cats all the time. It’s clear to the difference in behavior and coat of a feral animal. So clearly, she didn’t do her research.

Despite that, once she had done the deed, her actions afterward are what really upset people. And for good reason. If you scroll through some of the reviews of the Washington Animal Clinic, you’ll see people call Lindsey a sociopath and worse.

I have to agree.

There is a direct correlation to people who abuse animals and people with anti-social personalities. These people, Lindsey included, clearly have no conscience or remorse for their behavior, i.e. laughing emoticons.

Animal abusers have a need for power and a lack of empathy. They often target smaller animals as they are easier to control. In fact, 99 percent of serial killers killed animals before moving on to human victims. I’m not likening Lindsey to a serial killer…yet. I mean, she’s only in her 20’s.

It’s not easy to take a life, even if its just the life of a cat. Imagine how you feel any time you see a dead cat that has been run over by a car and left in the middle of the road. Now imagine, you were driving that car and instead of burying it or just driving on, you stopped to take a picture with it while smiling.

She did worse than that.

I’m not one for “making an example” of people when it comes to the law. But in this case? I say, throw the book at her. With housewives posting horrific pictures of slaughtered lions and giraffes with smiles on their faces, something has to be done.

There is sport and there is sickness; these ladies are clearly motivated by the latter.


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