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East of the River

By Katie East

It’s funny what some people are good at while others completely fail. The older I get the better I am at analyzing my strengths and weaknesses. It’s easier for me to see where I excel and where I am an embarrassment to mankind.

No one can be good at everything; it’s important to remember that. The more you look into your brain to decipher how it works, the easier it is to see where you need help and where you can help others.

I think there’s a moment where I can feel my brain actually stop working when I’m trying to do something I’m bad at. All of a sudden it’s like I can see the error message pop up when my brain tries to connect to an out of range WiFi network. Usually when that happens I end up dropping or spilling something.

Whatever nerve impulse is supposed to go from my brain to my hands to tell them what to do, must be faulty. The split second before I break something or sustain a self-inflicted injury I always think: “Don’t do that.” And then I do it.

I am a bull in a china shop, with Edward Scissor hands and an off centered equilibrium.

My clumsiness kills my fiancé. Not because of my inability to physically function, but how I handle my tangible shortcomings.

I often ask for help when attempting a physical feat I know I could botch but then immediately do it myself anyway. Inevitably, I ruin whatever I was trying do because I was too impatient to wait. Like when trying to move something heavy or transferring leftovers to a to-go box.

My fiancé and I are polar opposites, except when it comes to ideals and principles. As cheesy as it sounds, we are the definition of yin and yang.

Idealistically, we are always on the same page. That’s what makes it frustrating when I can’t figure out why we seem to get two totally different outcomes when setting ourselves to the same task.

For instance, I call the AT&T customer service line and come back with three confirmation numbers and two supervisor’s names. He comes back and says, “We have to go to the store.”

I have to remind myself: “What he is good at, I am bad at. What I am good at, he is bad at.”

Slowly but surely we are realizing the things we can’t trust each other to do.

I’m a mental multitasker. I can be doing three things while having four people ask me for something. It doesn’t mean I’m better than a more methodical and calculated worker, just different.

Some people can thrive in a busy atmosphere while others crumble. These types of people use fast-paced, high-stress environments and make them their bitch. Just listening to my day-to-day schedule would give some people an anxiety attack.

They say an object in motion stays in motion. That’s true for people too. And it doesn’t just apply to physics, it applies to work ethic in these A-type personalities as well.

Let’s use the restaurant industry as a standard of comparison. How many times have you eaten at a restaurant and received horrible service when the place was empty? You would think if the server only had one table then his undivided attention should be on you. Right? Wrong.

Complacent servers, and go-getters in general, start underperforming when they’re bored or don’t have enough to fill their time. It’s the same way that some geniuses do poorly in school. When an intellect isn’t challenged, he usually can barely accomplish the simple tasks required of him.

A bored server is why you get ignored and his or her phone or coworker takes precedence. The same thing is happening in the kitchen too, which is why your food takes forever.

Lunch hour is the quickest time to eat at a restaurant despite the lunch rush. Even though twice as many people are ordering you’re in and out in half the time.

Whether you’re good with your hands or sharp as a tack, you can’t excel at everything. Find the job that plays to your strengths and don’t be afraid to admit where you fail. Or do what I did, find a dude who can counteract your clumsiness and call it a day.


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