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East of the River: Truthers set their sights on Katy Perry

Last week, the Internet was abuzz with stories from conspiracy theorists who claimed murdered child pageant queen JonBenét Ramsey was still alive and grew up to become Katy Perry, the international pop icon.

The YouTube video which started the claims was published by noted conspiracy theorist Dave Johnson in December 2014 but resurfaced recently. Johnson’s main proof of this hoax is that Perry and Ramsey look similar, as do both sets of parents.

For those who haven’t watched it, the video is basically Johnson just superimposing Perry’s face over Ramsey’s while stating: “JonBenét Ramsey became Katy Perry. That’s a fact.”Welp, I was skeptical at first but if someone keeps saying: “That’s a fact,” it must be. Silly me, of course, this murdered child grew up to be a famous singer. Having similar eyebrows is surely enough proof to desecrate a departed child’s name and belittle her family’s suffering.

“Nobody died, nobody got hurt,” Johnson says in his video. “That sacrifice was in name only, and that was to get something, and that something was to become a star.”But, someone did get hurt. The minute this lunatic decided to take his rants to the Internet, the family and friends of JonBenét suffered. Having these theories splashed all over the news besmirches the Ramsey’s name and opens up old wounds.When I first heard about this, it was hard not to laugh. Anyone who has seen Katy Perry’s documentary “A Part of Me” knows her childhood was well documented. Six-year-old Perry looks exactly like a mini version of herself now and nothing like JonBenét, not to mention the fact that JonBenét was born six years after Perry. It’s easy for the general public to laugh and write off these theories, but it’s just not fair to the Ramsey family to be victimized again 10 years after her death. The poor families whose children were killed at Sandy Hook were subjected to similar cruel theories that allege the school shooting never happened and everyone involved were actors.

I can’t imagine what’s it like to have a child be murdered, but then to have a mentally unstable person call you a liar and say your grief is an act, is incomprehensible. Clearly, paranoia clouds these “truthers” judgment enough that common decency goes out the window too.

One other video on Johnson’s YouTube channel that we can all safely laugh at is, my personal favorite: “Joe Biden is Donald Trump – Same Possessed dude.” He uses the same superimposing “technology” to “prove” that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are one and the same when you add a few prosthetics and makeup tricks. I’ve got to say, I’m not one to completely shut down all conspiracy theories but the ones that involve actors and people pretending to be other people are just comical. I do think that it’s possible the American public has been lied to about major world events. I believe the government does have the power to keep us in the dark about certain details. I don’t think that they would invent stories completely like faking the moon landing or 9/11.

I think it’s amusing to imagine this imaginary branch of secret government coming together and creating these huge hoaxes that involve hundreds of civilians and getting away with it. Have you ever been to the DMV? That’s our government at work, folks. Sure there might be an elite few CIA members that can keep some secrets on lock, but I don’t think our government, or media, is constantly plotting to control our thoughts by feeding us misinformation. I don’t think the media sells us news stories about Caitlyn Jenner to hide the true atrocities that our government is allowing.

I think the media reports on useless fluff pieces because that’s what our culture craves these days; legit news doesn’t sell anymore. And after all, the news is a business. Newspapers around the country are shuttering because no one wants to sit down and read the truth every morning. The nightly news isn’t reported by one respectable face that American families know and trust. The “news” now is a 24/7 multi-colored anxiety attack waiting to happen.

Do I think the Warren Report on the JFK Assassination is the whole truth? Absolutely not. Do I think maybe the Bush administration withheld information about terrorist intel before 9/11 or fabricated information about weapons of mass destruction? Sure. I just think sometimes you can take things at face value, and Katy Perry is one of those things. Don’t put any secret meaning behind her; otherwise, you’ll be sorely disappointed.


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