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Erotic male dancers ‘Magic Men’ to perform in Baton Rouge

The dirty South is about to get just a little dirtier with the touring cast of Magic Men Live. For fans of the “Magic Mike” films, this can only mean plenty of dancing, skits and abs galore.

However, this Michigan-based act of erotic male dancers were grinding their hips long before Channing Tatum’s infamous performance with a power tool. Myles Hass, founder and producer of Magic Men Live, is no stranger to the adult party entertainment industry—his family has been involved since 1989. As for himself, he was involved straight out of high school, and in 2010 he started his own company with male and female entertainers.

“I basically took a more professional vibe to the adult entertainment business, and we were approached by a local radio station who wanted to do a special promotion for a ladies-night-out party,” Hass said. He organized the party with a few of the other future Magic Men.

“We didn’t really think much of it, it was really just thrown together at the time, but come the night of the event they gave away 200 tickets, but 400 girls showed up waiting to get in. So at that point we’re like, ‘Okay, yep. There’s definitely something special here.’”

And thus the idea of a male revue show was born. Hass and “the guys” got together, further developed the show, and then approached local night clubs to see if they would allow them to host a monthly ladies night.

“After the first night, we broke every single record that they had,” Hass said. “For attendance, alcohol sales, everything.”

Over the course of two to three years, the group worked on the show performing three to four times a month both locally and in different parts of the metro area. Once it was developed to their satisfaction, it was at that point where they believed it was ready to take the show on the road.

“We had a streak of 90-something sold out shows in a row at one point, and ever since then we’ve continued to tour, develop it, and now we’re traveling across the entire country in a full-size tour bus, with an entire production team and a group of 10 performers,” Hass said. “The show’s really come together.”

According to Hass, Magic Men Live is completely different from what you would see at a strip club, or even the popular “Thunder Down Under” Vegas show due to its production level.

“It has more of a unique spin than what other shows present,” Hass said. “Our group of guys are all authentic male entertainers that come from this business, starting out as male strippers or the private party scene, and then coming into a professional dance background with the help of our choreographers and coaches. I think it gives [the audience] more of an authentic experience in that way as well.

“Our show is more like a concert event; it’s a very high energy show. It’s something you’d have to see to understand. There’s something memorable that happens every night.”

There’s a little bit of everything, as the show is a combination of a concert, dance show, comedy skit show, and strip show along with audience “hands-on” participation. The show touches on various themes and pop culture.

“There’s something that will be familiar to just about anybody and something relatable to just about anybody who’s in the audience,” Hass, who performs as the emcee for the show, said. “My job is basically to break the ice, make sure everyone’s comfortable and in the right frame of mind for what’s about to happen.”

The name association with “Magic Mike” is also something the group touches upon.

“Obviously because ‘Magic Mike’ is a huge phenomenon, people automatically assume this show is going to resemble that movie in some way,” Hass said. “We try to pay tribute to all popular themes so if there are fans of ‘Magic Mike’ that are coming to our show they are likely to see something familiar, as well as fans of ‘50 Shades of Grey,’ or other popular movies or TV shows. Our show is very diverse in that way.”

For Hass, this has been one of the best things he’s ever done with his life and holds many great memories from working on the show throughout the years. Internally, amongst the group, they understand that it’s more about the audience and making them leave with a good experience.

“One thing we’ve learned as we’ve done this show that came to a surprise for a lot of us was how much of an impact we have on our attendees,” Hass said. “There were several times where our audience members sent us long letters on our social media or actual cards, and tell us how much they appreciate what we do because it impacted them in one way or another…Just they ended up having the time of their lives…We always keep that in the back of our minds that we’re not just performing and having fun, but that there is someone here that needs to let loose and get something off their mind that is negative in their life. We want to give them an escape that will allow them to enjoy their time with us as much as possible.”

This will be the first time the show will be performed in Baton Rouge as well as Louisiana. The men will make their way to the Baton Rouge River Center on Nov. 12 at 8 p.m.

“For the fans who may be reading this, we really appreciate having them as our fans and joining us on this crazy little journey, and we look forward to meeting them and performing for them coming up soon,” Hass said. “And anybody else who doesn’t know us quite yet, we’d really love to connect with them in some way beforehand. If they follow us on our social media outlets, I think they would get a better sense of who we are and why we do it. It will make the experience a lot more exciting when they come see us.”

Photo courtesy of Magic Men Live.


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