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ETCH Launches Home Goods

By Rickey Miller

Recent architect graduates of LSU, Co-founders, and designers of ETCH Studio –Zoe Ganch and Mallory Estopinal are ready to show the world their latest business venture – home good designs.

Dig caught up with Ganch, who explains how the idea of home goods came about –

“So we started actually in D.C., we were there for a year and we had access to a laser machine there that was 24 hours and free… so we just kind of started making things and started out as an Instagram shop.”

Ganch continues by explaining that designing jewelry and little gifts initially started as just a hobby until she and Estopinal applied to the LSU Venture Challenge where they won second place.

“From there we came back to Louisiana, put the money we gained from that towards buying our own machine, got an office that was at the LGBT center, then we launched our website in August 2014 and launched our collection shortly after that,” she explains.

Ganch says since the launch of their website they have done a spring collection, a fall collection, and now an exciting home good collection, that is set to be launch Wednesday, November 4, 2015. She explains that people received their jewelry collection very well and she hopes that their home good designs will have the same effect.

Ganch explains that social media has played a major role in the success of their jewelry collection. She says –

“That’s really where it took off, social media has been like a huge part for us, especially in the Louisiana community – it’s been like really incredibly helpful. We got to know a lot of the local designers and makers in the area and we were kind of able to collaborate with them

Along with the many collaborations ETCH has done with local designers, Ganch says they had the pleasure of being a part of New Orleans Fashion Week. She adds that all of the experience they have gain from school and hands-on situations will prove very helpful in the launch of the home goods collection.

“We were architecture students. We love designs of all sorts but we just so happen to fall into more of the fashion oriented part of it but now we are kind of looking into more of the interior focus part where we are designing an array of coasters, serving boards, candle holders and all kinds of things using mostly maple and walnut.”

She says that home good designing came natural since she and Estopinal are used to working with spatial design, making furniture pieces for class, and working with interior designing. She says –

“I mean, it’s a little bit larger scale than jewelry but the whole idea was to use our architectural background with small scale product design, and kind of keeping the geometric aesthetic that we have with our jewelry.”

Ganch says that the one thing that seperates their home good collection from their jewelry collection is the fact that the home good items are unisex. She says that one of the goals of pushing the product is making sure everyone knows that the products are gender neutral and can be enjoyed by anyone. “It’s no longer just for fashion lovers, but it’s for anyone who loves good products in their home,” she says.

Along with the launch, ETCH has already collaborated with local furniture retailer Monochrome, who will be eventually be carrying some of ETCH home good products.

The launch will take place online, on their website: www.shopetch.com , on their instagram: @etch_studio and on their facebook page: www.facebook.com/shopetch

“We will be having some really cool and exciting social media based things happening the day of the launch,” Ganch says.


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