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Fashion: Many dress styles trendy this season

From vintage-inspired styles to touches of bling, there is a current look for every bride out there when it comes to selecting “the dress.”

As far as the latest trends go, across the board brides are looking at separate pieces to create their own unique look by mixing and matching tops and bottoms. A few popular tops include bridal bodysuits, corsets and crop tops.

“All three of those have been very particularly popular,” said Jennifer Galster store manager of Bustle. “[And] the Parisian silk bottom has been very popular with us.”

At Bridal Boutique, many brides come in with their Pinterest boards and inspirations from trends they see online. Assistant Manager Brooklyn Robertson says the number one thing they see are big skirts.

“[We see] a lot of full ball gowns,” said Robertson. “It’s very fun and flirty looking.”

There are some brides however that pass by the princess looks for a different fantasy image with fitted mermaid dresses, which flares at the bottom rather than the entire skirt.

“Girls always love that, they want to show off their curves and show off the shape,” Robertson said.

When it comes to fabrics and textures, crepe is the top contender at the moment along with light pearl beading.

“All of our dresses that have the crepe material, is just really soft and pretty and lays and drapes very nicely,” said Galster. “We’ve been seeing girls gravitate towards that.”

According to Robertson, many brides are playing with different textures, including ruffles and stones.

“The simpler, the better is what we’re finding,” Robertson said. “A lot of girls will like just plain satin and they dress it up with a sparkly belt or some detachable straps.”

However, lace is still the top contender.

“Lace is always going to be something very popular, it’s very bridal, very classic,” Robertson said.

“It’s a staple in the south, of course,” Galster said.

Another trend involves color, where traditional white has been placed almost on the back burner for shades that will complement the bride’s skin tone.

“They are choosing more champagne colors with an ivory lace over top,” Galster said. “So a little bit of a darker color underneath the ivory lace makes the lace stand out.”

“We’re finding the darker, the better,” Robertson said. “A lot of girls walk out of here with a champagne dress or maybe even a light gold. There’s still some blush, but it’s more the different colors that are really standing out. I would actually say 80 percent of our store is not just white or ivory anymore.”

Due to the resurgence of vintage looks, the darker color gives it an older, classy feel. To make the vintage look go even further? Go for a sleeved dress.

“I’m a huge fan of a sleeve,” Robertson said. “It’s weird to say they’re a trend because I feel like they’ve always been around; they’re so timeless and elegant.”

With bridesmaid’s dresses, bridal shops are currently seeing sequins being the new trend.

“We’ve seen a lot of sequins, mostly in metallic colors, gold, rose gold, silver as well as black and sapphire,” said Galster, who said this trend was her favorite. “It’s really fun.”

As for accessories? It’s all about the bling.

“There’s never too much bling for a bride,” Robertson said. “They do a lot of sparkle shoes, a lot of silver chandelier earrings, really beautiful head combs. Definitely a lot of sparkles to dress everything up.”


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