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Fashion: Spring Break Essentials

Finally, the much-needed Spring Break is here.

The streak of cold weather seems to be gone for now, and the warm, sunny weather is already here. Time to plan those trips to the beach, time by the pool and trips to area music festivals. Here are a few essentials you need, so make sure you have stocked up.


Bathing Suit

If you are not comfortable in a bikini, try a tankini or a one-piece suit. One-piece bathing suits have become just as, if not more, flattering than many bikinis.

While bikinis are usually a more popular style to wear, the one piece bathing suit has come a long way from the bathing suits your mom used to wear.

If you feel a little self-conscious about your midsection, there are now bikini’s with tummy control. Spanx also now has a line of bathing suits made to minimize your stomach area with the same power of their undergarments.

One-piece bathing suits are also offered with padded bra and underwire tops to enhance your bust for a touch of sexy.

Linen tunic

With the return of the heat and humidity that defines Louisiana, many look to begin wearing looser fitting clothing and thinner fabrics.

For the best of both, try a linen tunic that can be worn multiple ways. For a dressier look, wear the tunic with a pair of leggings or jeans and a pair of sandals or heels.

If you are planning to hang by the pool or hang out at the beach, the tunic can double as a cover-up for your bathing suit. The thin fabric will take less time to dry if it gets wet.

Lastly, for festivals and BBQs, try wearing the tunic with a pair of shorts and a hat.


While many see hats as just a style statement, hats are useful for keeping the sun off of your face. If it is a larger hat, it may also have the added benefit of keeping the sun off of your shoulders.

Hats are essential to preventing sunburn on your face while outside for long periods of time. While you may not want to cover up your face to look cute think about what your face looked like the last time it got sunburned.

When it comes to what style, ultimately the type of hat you choose to match your style is up to you.


Sunglasses are also a must. While they are stylish and fun, they also protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. For the best protection, find a pair of glasses that at least protects from the sun rays UVA (which causes aging and eye damage) and UVB (which causes sunburn and eye damage).

In the long run, you will appreciate not getting cataracts and glaucoma at a young age.

If you are looking for the added benefit of cutting down on glare from the sun, pay a little extra for a pair of polarized sunglasses.

Want to see a difference? Ask the professional fisherman in your family. Most fishermen wear polarized lenses to cut down the glare they get off of the water. If not, stop by your nearest designer sunglass store.


Do not, under any circumstance, leave the house without sunscreen.

While getting sunburn sucks, getting skin cancer sucks even more. And while many believe if you get a skin cancer spot you can just cut it off, it can spread to the outside of your body and inside of your body and become deadly.

If you don’t want to wear sunscreen because you want to wear makeup, use a makeup primer or foundation with sun protection in it.

Spring break fashion is all about comfort and protection. So keep looking great by protecting yourself.


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