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Film in Review: Batman V Superman predictions

I don’t like to use the term “apologist” when it comes to Zack (Yes, Zack. With a “K.”) Snyder’s Superman reboot Man of Steel. Making apologies for the movie seems to go against being a fan of it. You know, like a backhanded compliment. No, I am not sorry. I dug Man of Steel and will not make excuses for it. Because I think no excuses are needed.

Granted, there was some silly religious imagery and quite the “neck snapping” climax, but at least, there was an attempt at depth. At least, there was effort for something deeper than normal. And within some of those spiritual shots? Silly as they were, in context of the scene, made sense and provided richness. And within that final battle? Over the top as it was, most certainly it presented conflict, resolution and establishment.

The establishment of a follow-up. Where do you go from a 9/11 alien invasion? You go for revenge. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, based on that title and its trailers, will introduce the Caped Crusader into this new film continuity, as the human willing to go against a near God. Of course, we know that this is the start of a beautiful friendship, what with the “dawn”ing of “Justice” League, and all. What we don’t know exactly is how that will come together. Here are some thoughts and feelings of mine as the release date rapidly approaches:


The Bat of Gotham

In this post-Dark Knight Trilogy era of superhero media, Batman is seen as more epic than ever. What that trilogy did, for me, was make the hero out to be a complicated individual with major complications to his heroics. A billionaire fighting for a fascist status quo? It’s more than that, but this could be made into a well-produced argument.

The new BatFleck (Batman + Ben Affleck) appears to be more cynical and angry, lashing out at his city than protecting it. His well-padded suit juiced up looking and all, has battle scars all over it. After years of wars on the streets, he now finds a foe with global possibilities: Superman. This changes everything for him, and hopefully for the better. A better philosophy and outlook towards justice? Perhaps.


The Son of Krypton

Our other super muscular man of righteousness has his issues, too. Where we last left him, he was battling fellow aliens in a knockdown, drag-out brawl that nearly leveled two cities. He showed nothing but reckless abandon in the destruction, focusing solely on the fight and little of civilian casualties, unlike Captain America (the new old Superman). From what I understand, Supes will face up to his errors in a Senate hearing (which will be nothing but a slap on the wrist), before what I assume will be a goodwill tour of Earth.

As Clark Kent, he will take notice of Batman, and apparently take it upon himself to judge and stop him. “A one-man reign of terror.” No, that’s crashing buildings into buildings and outright killing someone in front of others. Oops – too soon? Looks like Superman is still learning how to be super, and this fight may just teach him a lesson.


The Victor

The audience has been waiting a long time for these two heroes to meet up on screen, and when we finally get it, it’ll be with fists swinging. Don’t some relationships usually start like this? I wouldn’t expect an initial handshake between these two, but it does say something about where we’re at right now that their first movie meeting is in fisticuffs with one another.

Ultimately, it’s gonna be a (Wonder) woman who’ll bring them on the right side of things, I think. And while their main event match is what most will be buying their ticket for, I’m grabbing a seat for her.


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