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Film in Review: Netflix and chill

If you, like me, will be stuffing that romantic void in your life with a selection of movies, allow me to recommend a slew of flicks to get you through a most heartbreaking or heartfelt holiday with the DIG Magazine “#NETFLIXANDCHILL Marathon”



The latest from Gaspar Noe also happens to be one of best films of 2015. It’s also one of the more difficult viewing experiences. Sex, drugs, flashbacking, more sex, more drugs, more flashbacking — hardcore doesn’t even begin to describe its depiction of such activities. More conservative audiences might be scared away, but this would be a mistake. The movie is terrifyingly depressing but also a bit comforting in its expression of time and memory. When you consider that and a thoughtful trip down regrets of bros past, the near pornographic sequences are seen as they should be — less titillating and more insightful.


To Be or Not to Be

Not technically a spoof or even a well-known stop in a great catalog, this Mel Brooks WWII-era comedy is gold nonetheless. A remake through the mind of one of the best writers ever, the film has many clever gags at the expense of the Nazis. One scene in particular, involving a younger Christopher Lloyd, has me rolling in the aisles every time I see it. Come for the laughs, stay for the drama, as there are some heavy moments of danger and sadness. Clowns pretending to escort Jewish prisoners to camps (but in reality to freedom) is simultaneously heart pounding and warming. It’s an ugly state of affairs, but Brooks and team manage to bring goofy antics with a deft and tact hand.


Turbo Kid

Another favorite of 2015, this ’80s throwback may be Hobo with a Shotgun like and lite. It’s a vision of our ’90s apocalypse, where history came to a screeching halt with the era of Boy George. A lone kid discovers a retro wrist mounted weapon and power glove (it’s “so bad”), and sets out on a path of heroics that leads him to Michael Ironside. Gorey and proud of it, this flick contains a moment of sheer romantic bliss that I can’t help but smile at. Two characters, with blood raining down on them, embrace and kiss. How sweet, seriously. Remember Hal Needham’s BMX movie Rad? That soundtrack works well here. Very well.



Why not cap things off with some cheesy Michael Bay, huh? This stands as The Bayest of all of his films, defying physics and hugging machismo all the way. It could also be seen as a twisted Titanic, especially when you hear that Aerosmith single time after time. The movie is proud of it, and can you blame it? Never smug, always fun. I could watch Bruce Willis and roughnecks drill on an asteroid for hours on end. And now, with Netflix, I can! You can! We all can!


Be sure to use the hashtag #NetflixAndDIGBR if you decide to attempt this. You won’t win anything, but a fun day will be had. And, you never know, maybe you’ll learn something about yourself.


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