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Finals Week Study Guide

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With summer just around the corner, the only thing standing in the way between you and the summer sun is finals week.

Knowing how to prepare before, handle the stress during, and celebrate afterward can be the key elements to your success.

Here are some tips to make sure you survive the week.

1. Plan Ahead. Many students tend to study the night before a final, only to find themselves cramming numerous amounts of material into their heads. To avoid this situation, try and study for all your finals a little bit each day. Create a schedule to help you prioritize your study time for each subject and stick to it.

2. Sleep. Yes, it may seem impossible, but sleep is your best bet for acing all your exams. Whether you get a full eight hours every night or naps in between classes, staying well rested will help you focus when you are trying to cram an entire semester’s worth of material. More sleep equals better memory.

3. Eat. Your brain is working overtime during finals week, so be sure to feed it right. Try to always eat a little something before each final, to prevent your brain from tiring out in the middle of an exam. Snack up on fruits and veggies, and you will be well fueled for the week.

4. Exercise. It can be tempting to skip your workouts with finals on the way, but this is the worst time to become sedentary. Exercise increases blood flow to the brain, which in return can improve students’ academic performance. Yoga and Pilates are good ways to help manage the stress of finals.

5. Turn Off Social Media. I know this will be hard, but social media can be a major distraction while trying to study. Refreshing your newsfeed every 10 minutes will not help when you are trying to memorize a bunch of material. It is so easy to lose an hour of quality study time when you are constantly clicking through Facebook pictures or Instagram. Just learn to say no, at least for a week.

6. Reward Yourself. Keep yourself motivated by planning to reward yourself once finished with your exams. Whether it is going to a party or catching up on your favorite television series, be sure to give yourself an incentive to look forward to after finals.

7. Take Breaks and De-stress. To keep your brain on track, try studying in twenty to thirty minute intervals with breaks in between. Also, make sure to take time to de-stress by talking to friends, watching TV or taking walks. Taking breaks to clear your head can be a stress relief and help you reenergize to get back to work.

8. Change your environment. After spending hours hunched over textbooks and review sheets, it can seem like the walls of you room are closing in. Switch up where you study to a new change of scenery. Places like the library or a nearby coffee shop might just be the type of study environment you need.


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