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First Day Handout!

Once again, we are heading into a new semester full of opportunities to learn, meet new friends and make memories.  While some students are probably dreading the thought of pulling all-nighters, unpredictable pop quizzes, and boring lectures – others are simply excited to interact with some of their favorite tigers.  Here at DIG, we’ve prepared a handy little first day handout with all you need know about your upcoming semester.  From the classroom to your demanding social life, we have all the important tips and tricks to make your life a little bit easier!


What’s Changed?  

We’re glad you asked….



If you haven’t already received the noticed, TIGERMAIL has now transitioned to LSUMAIL, Microsoft Office 365 – which includes emailing system OUTLOOK.  While most students have probably already made this important switch, if you haven’t done so, visit grok.lsu.edu for the “How To’s.”  Although this switch from TIGERMAIL to LSUMAIL seems to be pretty easy – one of the biggest questions has been, “How do I conveniently add OUTLOOK to my iPhone without downloading the app?”  Well, we have the answer!


  1. Open “Settings”
  2. Click “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
  3. Go to “Add Account”

Although you will see the option to add “Outlook.com” – LSUMAIL is not compatible with the Outlook.com option.  Therefore…

  1. Choose the “Exchange” option.
  2. Type in your LSU email address/password and you’ll be all set to go!


Scholastic Tips

You’ve made it halfway, now we’re here to make sure you finish out strong with our tips, suggestions, and tricks of the trade when it comes to your grades!


Do I really need that book?

If you haven’t already noticed, books can add up and be a major expense you weren’t quite ready for; however, we have a few suggestions that may save your grade and your money!


The best way to find out if your textbook is worth buying is simply asking a friend who has taken the class before.

If you discover that the book is vital to the course – be sure to check Middleton Library. At times Middleton will have the textbook you need available for check out or on reserve…but you have to hurry!


OR, just buy or rent the book using affordable websites like Amazon and Chegg.


When, how, and where to study?


As you embark on your scholastic journey remember – the sooner you study, the better chance you have at making the grade you want!  When it comes to studying, getting an early start is the best way to ensure you are prepared.  We suggest taking at least 20-30 minutes per day to review notes, PowerPoint slides, and your textbook in order to keep the material fresh and avoid those dreaded all-nighters.


Some of our favorite study spots are:

LSU Parade Ground.  There’s nothing better than sitting under the sun with your headphones in, listening to your favorite Drake song while enjoying a nice coffee or shake, studying for that big test.


Coffee Call.  If you enjoy snacking while studying, then this is the perfect spot for you.  Enjoy yummy beignets while being scholastic. However, be careful…too many beignets will have you so full that all you want to do is take a study break to nap.


LSU Lakes.  Take a quick little drive over to the lakes, roll your windows down, play your favorite jam and get to studying. The quiet surroundings are perfect for a private afternoon car study session.



Everyday tips to make life easier?

  • Never wait until the day of to print in Middleton.  More than likely, something will go wrong!
  • Forgot your scantron?  Don’t worry – LSU Student Government Office always has free scantron for students just like you.
  • Leave home 15 minutes earlier than you did last semester.  We all know the struggle to find parking.
  • Visit your teacher’s office hours. It actually makes a difference in your grades.


Social Tips

And of course we aren’t going to leave you hanging when it comes to how to handle your social life.

Stay drama free

It’s 2016 and if you’re still bothered by that one time your ex seen you in the quad and didn’t speak… let it go!  The last thing you need this semester is drama and stress.  Stay focused on your real friends and your grades.


Make new friends

Take the opportunity this semester to create new friendships with your classmates.  Often times we meet the coolest people in class.


Live it up…but not too much!

Make smart choices when it comes to your nightlife.  If you know going out will potentially mean that you won’t study for that early Monday test – stay inside.  Also, take one weekend out of the month to do something besides your normal Friday/Saturday night bar hopping.  We suggest movie night with your friends or go to that restaurant you’ve been craving to try.


Be a better you

Take this semester to make some serious lifestyle changes.  If you feel that you could work on being healthier – try a new diet or begin exercising a little more.  You will be surprise how a little self-improvement can take you a long way!


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