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Five things to do before school starts

By Randee Iles (@RandeeVictoria)

Long walks on campus, dozing off in class, and all nighters are too close for comfort with only a week until the spring semester starts. Students have had a month off from school, but with the break coming to a close there are a few things everyone should do before they find themselves swept up in the madness of college.

1. Stay in bed all day

Seriously. When school starts you will regret not taking advantage of all the down time you had during the break. After this week you’ll be spending hours in class wishing you could sleep all day, do it now! Netflix makes staying in bed easy for us, especially now that it added every episode of “Friends.” Think you can’t watch all 236 episodes? Don’t sell yourself short! You might just have what it takes.

2. Climb on top of a building

There may or may not be buildings at LSU that have ladders leading to the roof, where students can (perhaps not legally) climb on beautiful nights. Many students left Baton Rouge to go home for the holidays, so this week is a great time to see LSU in a way you never imagined without being bothered. Put your (camouflage) jacket on and watch the sunset on campus! We hear the view from Dodson is spectacular…

3. Picnic on the parade grounds

Every day it’s getting colder, making this less appealing, so hurry before you’re not able to stay outside for more than five minutes and enjoy lunch at the beautiful LSU campus. Of course one can eat on the parade grounds any day they want, but with the winter intercession ending this week LSU will be almost a ghost town. How often do you get to enjoy campus without thousands of people walking around you?

4. Spring Cleaning

Okay, well it’ll really be winter cleaning. When you’re completely involved in school there is little time to give your apartment some TLC. Take a day and clean your whole place head to toe, organize everything, and throw away what you don’t need anymore. Go through your closet and make a giant bag of clothes to donate. If you put a lot of time into cleaning before the semester starts, you can make it last with little effort throughout the semester.

5. See live music

Check out Dig’s weekly Gameplan to find out what shows are happening in Baton Rouge then pick one or a few and GO! HAVE! FUN! There will be many times during the semester you’ll skip out on a good show with your friends because of projects that make you want to rip your hair out. Take this last week of freedom to completely enjoy yourself. You don’t even need to know the band; live music has a way of putting people in great moods no matter what.  So put on your dancing shoes, grab your closest friends, and go out for a stress free night.


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