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How To Hate Football & Love Gameday

By Leslie D. Rose 

So you live in Baton Rouge, and you don’t particularly care for football. You spend your game days hiding under your bed waiting for the cheers to stop. Well stop doing that now!

Contrary to popular belief, the entire city doesn’t shut down on game day. Here is a list generated by DIG readers of a few things you can do to stay occupied while Tiger and Jag Country are screaming “Geaux!”


Former Southern University Dancing Doll Britt Dawson suggests that you climb from under that bed and get on top of it. Use your newfound quiet time for the best nap you’ve ever had in your life. You’re a minority in the non-football-loving situation so your slumber will not be disrupted at all. “Most people don’t bother you ‘cause they’re at the games,” she said.


If you’re the type of person who loves the gathering, but not the gaming, Dawson alternately suggests that you go to a tailgate. Enjoy the company of football lovers – participate in all the game day glory while not being forced to watch the actual event. But you probably don’t want to that, right?


This suggestion comes by way of several readers. Since Baton Rouge tends to revolve around football you probably never even thought about the fact that for most stores, it’s just another business day, except it’s the quietest of them all, and tends to be the most enjoyable shopping experience in the Capital City. Also, lots of area grocery stores will have game day specials. So not only can you shop peacefully, you can reap game day benefits for your wallet, too.


Over the last few years traffic in Baton Rouge has gotten unruly, but if you’re a non-football fan, slam poet Rodrick Minor suggests game day is the perfect time to cruise the city, because no one is driving round for at least five hours.

“I just go around the city to hit up some of my favorite spots,” Minor said. “It’s less traffic especially during the games and I can just explore without the norms. It’s almost like an extra Sunday to me.”

But beware. Reader Jordan Honore has some great advice for you if exploration is in your plans.

“Avoid those (game day) areas of town like the plague,” Honore said.


So you’ve been dying to catch a certain flick but every time you go it’s sold out? Not on game day! You’re likely to have the whole theatre to yourself and a breezy time at the concession stand too.

And just for fun, here’s an additional option.


Not that this kind of behavior should be encouraged, but hey in the privacy of your own home, it could be fun. Southern University alumnus Adaryl White suggests that you have a party with other football foes.

“Cook, eat and drink together,” White said. “Talk at the TV like you were watching the game – wear team colors and everything.”

So you see, your life doesn’t have to be over just because you’re not a fan of the ol’ pig skin. Get out there and enjoy your extra Sunday – you deserve it!


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