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Four Ways College Isn’t How You Expected

By Randee Iles

“I can’t wait until I’m in college!”

We all said it during high school, especially senior year. Unfortunately, only a couple weeks after you tell your family goodbye, you realize college is not at all what Hollywood makes it out to be. Here are a couple ways our youthful minds were cheated into thinking college would be the best thing that ever happened to us.

Ugly Duckling

Sure, you have awful acne now, but when you get in college you magically transform into your beautiful swan self. Wrong. Halfway through my third year of college I’m still asking Santa to be blemish free. Besides the skin impurities, there was some preconception going into college that since there is no dress code you will be looking your best for every class. That may last a week, but soon the idea of putting on makeup or pants to go sit through biology at 9:30 is completely absurd. You’ll probably just go back to sleep anyway.


Movies seem to pay a lot of attention to the nightlife aspect of college, and barely any toward the actually classes. If you came to college to get decent grades, or need to get into graduate school, you probably will be up all night. Unfortunately these all-nighters will mostly be spent with a highlighter and 60 pages of notes, and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll have a glass of wine to drink your sorrows away.


Unlike high school, no one will call your mom if you don’t show up for class one day. This sounds great – until you have a D in accounting because it overlaps with your sleep schedule. In actuality, there are not very many classes that a person can skip for days and not suffer any consequences. If you do have a class like that, count your blessings, because it won’t be like that forever.


One of the greatest parts of college depicted throughout movies is that your parents aren’t there. Yes, this means no more curfews or chores, but soon after you venture into the real world, you will be texting your mom constantly because you have no idea how to do something. Moms have a vast knowledge of things that are seemingly irrelevant until one day you really want to make a roast and have no clue how, or a button falls off your favorite shirt and you’re no Betsy Ross. The first time you are sick and alone in college and you have to make chicken noodle soup for yourself, you learn to appreciate everything your parents did.


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