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Flawless: 15 Steps to completing your perfect look for class

The alarm clock buzzes and you hit snooze too many times — it’s an age-old story. When you’re late and running out the door, the last thing on your mind is your makeup. What if you could do your makeup in a more timely manner? DIG has the answer.

We caught up with Mari Murphree, an esthetician   student and Baton Rouge native who says doing makeup is something she is very passionate about — she was inspired by makeup tutorials on YouTube, but has been artistic since childhood.

Murphree says along with YouTube videos, Pinterest pins and Instagram posts, she is also often inspired through painted art pieces.

“I really like seeing how colors are used and mixed together to bring the art alive,” she says.

Like most college students, Murphree understands the struggles of finding time and money to do even simple things like makeup.

Murphree sat down with DIG to provide quick, inexpensive and easy make up tricks that will not only save you time, but also the coins in your pocket.

Step 1:  “First thing’s first…beautiful makeup application starts with beautiful skin.  So you always want to make sure you have a fresh face and your hands are washed.”


Step 2:  Prime and moisturize your skin.  “As crazy as this is, I use Nivea men’s post shave balm.  The good thing about this is it’s moisturizing and it works as a primer because it has that tacky consistency that will really keep your make up on all day.”


Step 3:  Prime your eyelids.  “I use a concealer by Maybelline, it’s the Fit Me Concealer.”


Step 4:  Apply a lighter shade of eye shadow. “You never want to go too dark for a daytime look.  I use a very affordable palette from the company Makeup Geek.  Their website is makeupgeek.com.”


Step 5:  Next, head for your brows!  “Fill in your brows using a color that is most similar to your own hair color.  And for a daytime look, I know that brows are a really big trend, the carving of the brows and all, but for a daytime-look I’d keep it light. Oh, and I use a shadow for my brows.”


Step 6:  Time for the eyeliner.  “For my eyeliner I use Maybelline Blackest Black Gel Liner.  I use a gel liner because it’s going to be the one that shows up the blackest and not only that but it’s also the easiest to work with.  And for a simple daytime-look I wouldn’t do a wing on the eye.”


Step 7:  Using a light-colored eye shadow, highlight just below your brow bone.  “That’s really going to make your brow pop.”


Step 8:  Now apply your mascara.  “I use a very popular band…L’Oreal.  You want to remember to use a light coat of mascara.”


Step 9:  Finish your look off by lightly applying a white liner on your waterline.  “A lot of girls use black, but using white is really going to open up your eyes, given them a brighter look for your daytime-look.  The white liner I use is very affordable.  It’s a NYX brand.”


Now that we have you prepared for some all day “smizing,” it’s time to apply your foundation.


Step 10:  Using a foundation brush, dot the liquid foundation all over your face.  “I use a L’Oreal [True Match] – Lumi foundation.  It’s under $15 and you can buy it at almost any drugstore.  Once I have dotted the makeup all over, I use a beauty sponge to pat the foundation on the skin.”


Step 11:  Now, using a brush to apply – set your face with a translucent powder.  “I use the RCMA no color translucent powder, which is $10 and can be bought online. Another leading high-end brand that has a really translucent powder that I like is Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, which is only like 1.5 ounces.  I use a more affordable brand, but that is one that everyone raves about.”


Step 12:  Using the same concealer from earlier, highlight right underneath the eyes and the middle of the nose.  Pat the product into the skin and set with translucent powder.


Step 13:  Head back into your makeup palette because it’s now time to bronze your face.  “You don’t want to put it all over your face.  You just want to bronze certain parts of your face – so that would be the places where your face would naturally shade…like right under your cheek bone.  And you always want to bronze your neck.  You definitely don’t want your face one color and your neck a totally different color.


Step 14:  Add a little blush.  “Not too much, but just enough to bring out some color.  I use a NYX blush.  Smile and sit it right on the apple of your cheek bone.”


Step 15: Now it’s all about the lip!  With a brush apply a matte lipstick!  “For a daytime look I wouldn’t go in with a liner, but instead I like to use a NYX matted lipstick.”


• It’s very important to make sure you are always sanitary when doing your makeup.
• Always start with your eyes. A lot of people think you should do your whole face then eyes but it’s actually good to start with your eyes to avoid that fallout. If you already have your makeup on, it’s kind of hard to wipe off the excess. So if you start with your eyes first you can really go back and clean up the excess fallout with your makeup wipes.
• You can buy literally every makeup product you need from the drugstore. •
Your concealer should always be two shades lighter than your foundation.
• Apply concealer using a damp sponge. It really gives you that airbrush look.
• Eye drops work the same way MAC Studio FIX+ does. By applying a bit of eye drops to your brush, it can bring out the pigment for colors you really want to pop.
• You can use tape to apply a wing to your eyeliner. It gives you that perfect line!

Queen Of The Night: From class to the bar.


Step 1: Back to the eyes. Use a brush to add a little shimmer to the outermost part your eyelid. “You want to pat the product on the eyelid. A really great place to get shimmery shadow is from Makeupgeek.com”


Step 2: Grab your gel liner and add yourself a wing to your eyeliner. “I recommend a wing for your nighttime-look. It’s a really big trend right now.”


Step 3: Grabbing that same shimmery color you put on the lid, apply some of the color to the inner ducts of the eye. “It’s really going to make your eyes pop even more for that nighttime-look.”


Step 4: Add that same shimmery color right under the brow bone.


Step 5: Now you can add your black liner to your waterline, covering up that white liner. “It looks better when you’re going for a smoky-eye look.”


Step 6: Add a little black shadow above the lid to give you that smoky eye effect. “Be careful not to go too heavy on black shadow or apply it to the entire lid, that’s when it looks like a black eye instead of a smoky eye.”


Step 7: Add some LASH! “You can get false lashes from almost any drugstore like Walgreens or CVS. Apply your lash glue and let it sit on your false lashes for a few seconds. This way the glue becomes tackier and prevents the false lashes from sliding when you go to place them over your real lashes. And you would want to go back over the top of your lash with your black liner just incase the glue dries white. It makes it look more real. Also, add more mascara just to blend the fake lashes and real lashes.”


Step 8: Highlight the cheekbones with a lighter color from your palette. “It will add a little more to that nighttime look you’re going for.”


Step 9: For the Lips, you want to choose a little darker lipstick than your daytime look. “I would first use a dark liner – something that is a little darker than your lipstick to outline the lip. That way, if your lipstick starts wearing off at least you still has that effect of the lipstick there.”


Step 10: Add a gloss to your lip. “If you really want to stand out and get that nighttime look, you should add a simple gloss to your lipstick, just to give it that shiny look.”


And last but definitely not least, always use a setting spray after your finish product.


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