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Flower Hungry

By Robyn Lua

They come in all different sizes and colors, and you can find them at events such as music festivals, sorority functions, and sometimes even weddings. You know what I’m talking about – the ever-popular flower crown.

Isabella Diaz, a student at LSU, saw the flower crown as more than an accessory – she saw it as an opportunity. As a result, Flower Hungry was created. Her business has grown exponentially from the time she started, and she was generous enough to share with us the story behind this ingenious entrepreneurship.

DIG: What made you want to start Flower Hungry?

Isabella Diaz: Well, I have been wearing flowers in my hair since I was a toddler and have been crafting my own single floral clips for years. When I started making a few full floral crowns for myself, everyone was asking me to make them one too. With that, I saw a niche in the marketplace and thought this might be a great opportunity to make some extra spending money while I’m still in school!

DIG: How did you come up with the name?

ID: I am always hungry and I love food in general! I believed the enormous variety would work well in naming my crowns. Every crown is named after something to eat or drink. It has given my business a fun and flexible theme to work with!

DIG: How does the process of making a flower crown typically work? Do you make them all yourself?

ID: Yes, I make all flower crowns myself. I have a studio at home, specifically set up for making crowns. I currently have three employees but will probably fire them all soon. All they ever want to do is play ball, eat treats and sleep. They are good company, though!

My mom pitches in when we get large sorority orders, wholesale boutique orders, or do trunk shows. Most of the time spent making a crown is in the prep work. Flowers are trimmed and pressed. Felt circles are cut. Packing and shipping orders takes time as well. The actual assembly of a crown is the easy part!

DIG: Who and/or what inspires the flower crowns you make?

ID: Nature, fashion, and mainly, my customers inspire me. I try to meet the needs of my market. LSU school spirit has definitely inspired me. We have a large variety of purple and gold crowns, like “Jambalaya,” “Gumbo,” and “Game Day Munchies.” Greek life also plays a big part inspiring my creations. Big/Little crowns have been huge for us, as well as sorority colored crowns like “Greek Salad.” We just created our first gold leaf crown, which we think will be perfect for toga parties. It’s called “Caesar’s Salad.” Holiday crowns are also in the works!

Whatever the occasion, wherever she’s going, I try to accommodate my customers and offer them crowns to fit all their fashions. Whether it is for Mardi Gras, a wedding, a music festival, Red Dress Run, a costume, Bid Day, or just every day, we try to create something for everything.

DIG: How do you balance school, Greek life, and Flower Hungry?

ID: Good question! Honestly, I don’t sleep much! I am always busy. I do a lot of my work during the summer. Still, I have to miss out on a lot. I spent my entire spring break last year making flower crowns and have had to sacrifice a few game days too. I spent my fall break making flower crowns and will do the same for Thanksgiving break. Sometimes it’s tough and can be discouraging, but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. It’s extremely rewarding to walk into a store and see your designs on display and for sale, or pass by someone you’ve never met before, who is wearing Flower Hungry. I am also very blessed to have amazing parents, brothers, and pups who are all very supportive of my business and help out as much as possible.

DIG: What do you think sets you apart from the competition?

ID: Price sets us apart from the completion. We have kept our crowns affordable. Where else can you purchase a standout accessory for $10? People always tell me I should raise my prices, but I want every girl who wants to purchase a flower crown to find our prices within reach! We’ve also never had any complaints about the quality of our work. Every crown is carefully made with love and care, and I think it shows in our products.  Being a student at an SEC school, and a sorority girl, I am finely tuned in to the wants and needs of college girls. We do a lot of custom orders. Girls tell us what they want and we create it for them. We are quick too!

DIG: What’s your favorite thing about having this business?

ID: Looking down upon a crowd of students at a football game, or at a music festival, and seeing my flower crowns everywhere! I also love seeing my flower crowns in boutiques across town. I just did a collaborative photo shoot in New Orleans. That was a lot of fun, too. I always love to see our customer’s photos, whether they are individuals or groups.  We did several large sorority orders over the summer. Seeing photos of 300 girls wearing your flower crowns at a university across the country is very rewarding! We’ve done two weddings, and a couple bachelorette parties. These were also gratifying events to be a part of. In addition, I am currently an advertising major and fashion minor – I feel this business really gives me an opportunity to utilize the skills I’ve learned here at LSU while feeding my passion for fashion.

DIG: What are your plans for the future of Flower Hungry?

ID: This is the million-dollar question. Hopefully, more wholesale orders to more boutiques, more trunk shows outside of LSU, and more music festivals will be in the works. I have gone back and forth on expanding into new product lines, but for the time being, I have decided to stay focused on what I do well.


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