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By Nick BeJeaux

Hangovers are perhaps the worst right of passage anyone can undertake, but, just like kids these days never had to walk barefoot in the snow and uphill both ways to school, cases of the Irish Flu may become a thing of the past.

Forgiven, a new and clinically tested detox product, is making its way into the Baton Rouge bar scene and is already picking up a lot of steam. Chas Aday, the CEO of Forgiven Bottling Group, says that what sets his company’s product apart from other detox products is the science behind it.

“We are the only ones out there that have actually gone to the length to do a clinical study to prove that we actually metabolize alcohol faster,” he said. “Most supplement companies don’t really go to the length to prove those supplements work. That industry is more of a fly-by-night and throw something together and try to market it well to sell the product. We’ve actually gone through the clinical studies and put out a product that actually does something for the benefit of people and doing something for society.”

By using all natural ingredients and compounds, Forgiven is better described at a metabolizer than a detox product. Rather than target the alcohol byproducts that can lead to hangovers (namely the carcinogen acetaldehyde), Forgiven instead enhances the body’s natural process for getting rid of such toxins.

“It has vitamins, minerals, and amino acids,” said Aday. “All of that together basically supercharges your liver to process the alcohol through giving it the nutrients it needs to process the alcohol quickly.”

Due to this unique approach, Forgiven has the added benefit of sobering you up from more than just alcohol indulgence. If you smoke, especially socially, you know that warm, sickly feeling that surrounds your brain after too many cigarettes. Forgiven can fix that too.

“Because we’re basically supercharging your liver it will process not only alcohol, but also anything that goes through the liver faster,” said Aday. “So whether it’s prescription drugs, smoke – smoke and alcohol both produce acetaldehyde and that’s what gives you that sick feeling – if we process that acetaldehyde quicker, it neutralizes the acids produced and gets it out of your body faster.”

Both Aday and the clinical data he provided show that Forgiven has never adversely reacted with any kind of medication in clinical trials. In fact, in many cases it outright neutralize any medicines that need to go through the liver – basically all of them.

“I’m currently taking Lortab because I have some back issues, so if I were to take a Forgiven, it would dull the effect of the prescription drugs,” he says.

Just like with pharmaceutical drugs, no reaction to Forgiven will be identical.

“In some cases, you have some people that will feel better the next day after taking the product, and you have people that will sober up in front of you within 15, 20, 30 minutes of taking the product,” said Aday. “That’s all going to be based on somebody’s age, health, and what kind of liver function they have, and how much they’ve had to drink and so on and so forth.”

Forgiven comes in a variety of forms and packages, from a 90-count pill bottle, to can drinks and shots similar to Five Hour Energy shots. The shots and cans, which sell for $2.99 each, have proven to be the most popular.

“There is some skepticism toward the product, but people want a solution, and a healthy and responsible solution at the end of the night. So people are welcoming and they want to try a product like this in the hopes that it works and we know it works,” said Aday. “We need to get liquid to lips out there. We need to be sampling. We need to have people try the product.”

Some bars in Baton Rouge where you can find Forgiveness

The Station

The Roux House

The Levee

Huey’s Bar

Uncle Earl’s

Spanky’s Daiquiris

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