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Freakshow!: Why we love AHS

By Tara Bennett

Another year, another October and with it comes a new season of “American Horror Story” (AHS). This time around, the TV series is focusing on one of the last remaining freak shows set in 1950s Florida. After watching two episodes, I’m officially hooked. Here are the top five reasons why Freakshow is going to be one of the scariest seasons yet. This article contains spoilers, so read at your own risk.


Twisty the Clown

Granted, clowns do not give me the chills that they do for other people. In the right context however, I can see why they’re terrifying, and Twisty is one of the few clowns that unnerves me. Between his silent movements, his dead eyes, his mask and his brutal murders, we haven’t had a clown this scary since Pennywise. Although his hair does remind me of Angelica’s doll Cynthia from “Rugrats.”



Okay, while Twisty is scary for a majority of people, it is Dandy that gives me the heeby jeebies. For one, he’s in his 20’s and drinks cognac straight from a baby bottle—rubber nipple and all. If that wasn’t unsettling enough, he has shown characteristics of a potential sociopathic killer. While we haven’t seen him commit these crimes, he’s been accused of mutilating animals and possibly raping a girl. He’s unhinged after displaying violent self-harm when his request to join the freak show was denied. Did I also mention he is also now Twisty’s eager apprentice?


Jessica Lange

Sadly, this will be Jessica Lange’s last season on AHS. While the show must go on, I can’t imagine it without her. Right now her role is defined as Elsa, a German ex-pat who runs the freak show and still yearns to be in the spotlight. When her stardom is threatened by two-headed Sarah Paulson, what will Elsa do to regain it? The series’ matriarch of mayhem will certainly go out with a bang that I’m sure we’ll still be talking about for years.


The “Normal” People

What could be scarier than the freaks? Why society of course. Already we have been witnesses to the cruel treatment of the freaks by the townspeople including false murder accusations, denying food service, and turning an eye away as people murdered an innocent freak for a crime he did not commit. While Meep was creepy with his talent for biting off the heads of chickens, he did not deserve the fate he received. All this happened in just two episodes, imagine what we’ll see during an entire season.



Did I mention Twisty? I did? Well, he’s scary enough to be on here twice.


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