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Frost & Moxie

Daphne Lee Martin is an artist of contradictions and dualities, a trait reflected in her latest album Frost.

In addition to being a full time musician, Martin owns her own record company, The Telegraph Recording Company. She began singing at the age of 8, released her first album at 17, and travelled all over the country before settling down in New London, CT.

A lot of my writing comes from literary references; short stories, proverbs, fables,” Martin explained.” The two records are meant to go together. They’re a pair of records, and come from the same time period of writing. What I end up doing is writing in the third person as if I were one of the characters that I was reading about.”

Frost, the second installment of Martin’s two part album, Frost & Moxie, which hit college radio on February 24 and will be available in stores this April.

“I wanted this album to cover a lot of territory, so it would be more expansive. I really wanted to incorporate a bunch of different stuff, and give everything this voice. I wanted to show a progression.”

This progression is evident in both Frost & Moxie, and is sure to continue for her next album.

“My first record was very acoustic, almost entirely acoustic. On the next record we’re going to play with a lot of African beats and Cuban sounds. We will incorporate a lot more world music in the record that follows Frost. Everything I do sort of tips its hat to the next thing that’s coming.”

Frost has a vastly diverse arrangement of instrumentalists, some of the artists featured are in her touring band, and other studio musicians were brought in for the recording of the album. Frost has a full sound that incorporates a 5 piece horn section, as well as alto and baritone saxophones.In addition to live instrumentation, Martin has started to use a MIDI keyboard and synthesizer pads to incorporate a hi-fi electronic sound into her music.

“I’ve been playing acoustic music my whole life. I wanted to create something that you could not place in any particular time period. I wanted it to feel like you have no idea where or when it’s from, both lyrically and musically. My goal is that in 60-100 years, they won’t be able to place it. I wanted it to feel universal.”

Martin uses interesting experimental techniques in order to produce the sound she is looking for. In addition to running her own record company, she has a home studio for recording.

“I like to mix in a few drum sample sounds; live clap samples, banging on trash cans, etc. My idea is that if you want the sound of a train, you grab a mic and run down to the train tracks,” Martin joked. “That’s how I get a lot of sounds, I go out and find them.”

When you purchase Frost, you will also receive a unique photographic art book developed by Martin with polish photographer, Pola Esther.

“Most of her work is pretty edgy,” Martin remarked. “She was willing to take big risks, which I like. The book is made up of images of women throughout history who have had some really defining moment in their lives based on their sexuality, or relationships. It’s a collection of images about these women who have made epic decisions based on their body in some way or another, and will be coming out in April on record store day.”

Be sure to check out Martin’s music at daphneleemartin.com and stop by Mud & Water for her show on March 8.


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