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By Pat Gunther

Dolo Jazz Suite, Baton Rouge’s premier electronic and hip-hop collective, is taking to the Spanish Moon on July 10th for yet another trippy, experimental outing.

This time around, the Madd Wikkid, Anna Love, Nate Treme, Grimmbleak and Ghost Corporate are set to kick things off starting at 10PM.

For a modest $10 cover price, patrons also experience unique original visuals and art by Gabriel Saint in addition to an onslaught of some killer tunes from natives of Austin, Shreveport, NOLA and the Red Stick. The lineup for this particular show, as is typical of Dolo, brings eclectic sounds ranging from Madd Wikkid’s soulful and undeniably funky brass work, to the first lady of the Suite Grimmbleak’s more glitch inspired trappy sound.

Moreover, the 10th promises to be chock full of good times, as Ghost Corporate plans to get things popping by throwing a party for the release of his debut studio LP, “Visitor.”

Ghost Corporate’s sound fits the bill perfectly for the experimental, down tempo and underground sound that Dolo has spent the past several years curating and crafting in an effort to put Baton Rouge on the musical map.

Anna Love, a 2013 Red Bull Music Academy Alumnae, hits the stage this go around to aid in Amahl Abdul-Khaliq’s vision of making Dolo Jazz Suite a household name in southern electronic music. Love’s smooth sound, southern inspired production, and varying rhythms make the prestigious RBMA alumnae an alluring and interesting presence at Dolo’s next installment.

Tracks such as “Wildflowers,” which start off slow and build up to a crescendo of trappy, electronic bliss, perfectly illustrate why Love was chosen as a representative for Red Bull’s gulf-coast department.

Similarly, the track “Deep Sleep” employs a classic DJ Screw feeling straight out of Houston with more modern hi-hat work and impressively moving drum kicks before cranking things up to 11 with a switch to Chicago footwork inspired tempo in the middle of the track.

Love’s versatility is something to be spoken for, and will surely be a hit once the Trill Wave queen hits the stage of the Spanish Moon.

On the opposite side of the musical spectrum, the supremely talented brass virtuoso Madd Wikkid (who just returned from a set at Bonnaroo) uses his classical New Orleans’ instrumentation to put a modern touch on some popular tunes. Madd Wikkid’s “Brassft Punk” creates a refreshing and completely original take on Daft Punk’s smash hits such as “Get Lucky” and “One More Time” with a palpable amount of human emotion throughout the tracks.

Particularly, Madd Wikkid’s supreme creativity and undeniable talent is what makes him such an alluring act. However, the sound he creates is not something a regular Dolo-goer would’ve come to expect from the underground scene. With a pretty successful track record and insanely catchy sound, and I do mean insanely, Madd Wikkid puts the literal Jazz in Dolo Jazz Suite.

Whether you’re headed to the Spanish Moon for the underground hip-hop, electronic sound of the stellar Anna Love or Ghost Corporate, or the feet-moving, body-grooving tunes courtesy of Madd Wikkid, the July 10th installment of Baton Rouge’s best musical show really does have something for everybody. So come Thursday, grab a friend, and a drink over at the Spanish Moon.  Be prepared to go through the sonic peaks and valleys of the incredible Dolo Jazz Suite.



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