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Geaux Corndogs!

By Rickey Miller

So what’s all the talk about corn dogs and LSU? Well rumor has it that, like many sporting venues, Tiger Stadium smells a lot like corndogs. Another possible origin for the corndog myth is that in 2010 Auburn – whose mascot is also a tiger — decided they needed another name for the LSU Tigers. Being rather unimaginative, the settled the first thing that came to mind.

Even celebrities like Katy Perry have even joined in on the joke in recent years. Last season during ESPN’s “College Game Day” segment Perry was quoted saying, “Did you mean LSU or LS-PEW” and pulls out a corndog.

Seeing how Auburn, and just about everyone else, is obsessed with corndogs, we figured we’d lend them a hand in finding the best spots to find the delicious dogs around Baton Rouge.

  • Sonic – 505 E. Boyd Drive. Here you can grab an original corndog for under $1.50.
  • Ruffino’s – 18811 Highland Road. Keep it classy and try a Cajun spin on the classic corndog concept by trying Shrimp Corndogs.
  • Wienerschnitzel – 2948 Highland Road. Where you can enjoy “a chicken frank dipped in sweet honey batter and deep fried to perfection!”
  • Corndog Express – Mall of Louisiana – 6401 Bluebonnet Blvd. Eat some of the best corndogs around while shopping for your tiger gear.
  • Frostop – 402 Government Street. Check out one of Baton Rouge’s favorite landmarks and oldest establishment (since 1950) while sinking your teeth in a $2.50 delicious corndog.

Prefer to eat your corndog at home on the cheap? Well, we have options for you too. Here are some of the best corndog brands you can buy at the grocery store and make right at home:

  • State Fair – Flavors offered: Classic, Beef, Mini Classics, Mini Beef, Fiesta, and Whole Grain.
  • Bryan: The Flavor Of The South – Flavors offered: Corn Dogs and Beef Corn Dogs.
  • Sara Lee – Flavors offered: Beef, Poultry, Turkey/Pork/Beef, Breakfast, and Whole Grain.
  • Morning Star: Farms – Flavor offered: Veggie Corn Dog.

So since we are catering to your corndog obsession, Auburn fans, we thought we should share some awesome facts about corndogs.

  • Corn dogs were originated in Texas. Famously named “corny dogs” – Carl and Neil Fletcher decided to change the world with their invention of corny dogs during the Texas State Fair in 1942. Although it has been disputed that Pronto Pop vendors actually were the first to create corndogs in 1941.
  • Since 1941, Fletcher’s – which is now a thriving freestanding business in Texas, sells nearly 630,000 corndogs within their 28-day fair season per year. Obviously, Texas loves corndogs too!
  • Corndogs may not be as bad in calories as you think. It is said that the average corn dog only has about 225 calories.
  • Corndogs are so awesome they have their own day! Does Auburn have their own day of the year? Don’t think so. Since 1992, every March 21 is National Corndog Day!

So now that you are briefed on all the best things corndog in BR, we should tell you why LSU “Corndogs” are the best. It’s because we have one of the best college football teams in the nation AND we know how to party. Also, Katy Perry said our name on national TV AND threw a corndog in one go, you can’t pay for better advertising than that. Besides, smelling like corndogs is a lot better than the gross stank of defeat.


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