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Geaux Cuban!

This food truck is authentic in every way

Opportunities can present themselves in a variety of ways. Sometimes predictably, and other times in the shape of a delivery truck put up for sale, destined to become a restaurant on wheels. This was the case for husband-and-wife duo, Josue and Adilene Ordaz, who designed their food truck, Geaux Cuban, from the inside out, and opened in early 2018.

Josue, born in Cuba, but raised in Louisiana, grew up eating traditional Cuban recipes. He lived in Miami for several years where Cuban food is prevalent, and upon his return to Baton Rouge recognized that there were not many local options available for Cuban cuisine. When he and Adilene married, they sought to start a business together, and after some conceptualizing, a Cuban food truck appeared that it would be an interesting and welcome addition to Baton Rouge.

In the process of constructing the Geaux Cuban menu, the couple aimed to offer traditional Cuban dishes, such as roasted pork pressed sandwiches and Cuban coffee, while also serving meals that would resonate with the Baton Rouge community.

“We knew people from Louisiana liked to keep their food a little bit spicy,” Josue said, and the couple has worked to incorporate Cajun seasonings to add a familiar taste to their menu options.

Mexican-born Adilene, who moved to Louisiana when she was 15, has integrated her own cultural recipes into the mix, such as tacos, and nachos, resulting in a unique array of delicious choices. They are frequently brainstorming ideas to expand their menu and fuse Cuban classics with Southern favorites.

Geaux Cuban is centered around the comfort of family and the celebration of sampling diverse foods and discovering unique and
delicious tastes.

“It’s about the experience,” Adilene said, insisting that the most exciting part of this venture is that many people are unfamiliar with Cuban food and they are able to taste something new.  “Everyone is kind of curious and they will say, ‘Let me try a little.’”

The couple often recommends the rice, black beans, plantains, and their signature “Geaux Cuban” sandwich to inquisitive customers as must-try dishes.

While there are many tentative plans for Geaux Cuban on the horizon, such as a possible brick-and-mortar location, Josue and Adilene are enjoying the ride.

“We get to ‘open people’s eyes,’ to Cuban cooking,” and especially rewarding is “when customers become regulars and return asking, ‘Where’s my special?’” said Adilene.  The secret ingredient, suggests Josue, is that the team always, “cooks with passion, so people will come back.”

Interesting in some home-cooked Cuban fare?  Geaux Cuban is on the move daily, and can typically be found parked downtown on North 4th Street during lunchtime hours or on Goodwood Boulevard.  You can spot them taking part in several upcoming events and festivals, and they can also be booked for private parties and catering services. The best way to find Geaux Cuban’s locations for the week is to check their schedule, updated weekly on social media.

They can be contacted through Facebook at facebook.com/geauxcuban.

Photos by Sean Gasser


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