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Genre Terrorism


Once all seven members of Moonsugar gather in the living room of the Brightside apartment shared by the band’s drummer, bassist and trumpeter, it’s time to find a good spot for photos before the sun goes down. Without hesitation, drummer Brennan Breaux yells, “Let’s get on the roof!” And everyone happily obliges.

From that moment on, nothing is said without an accompanying laugh, and the positive energy of the room is palpable. It’s obvious these musicians – Breaux, guitarist Paul Jackson, bassist Andrew Moss, singer Chloe Johnson, saxophonist Melissa Heemskerk, and trumpeters Garrett Corripio and Rion Mooneyham – love one another as much as they love jamming on stage.

Moonsugar will play with Naughty Professor at Mud and Water on Jan. 24, and will also open for Squirt Gun Warriors at the Hartley/Vey Theatres on Jan. 25.

When asked to describe the band’s sound, the members of Moonsugar quickly spit out, “Reggae funk, blasting punk,” “Schizophrenia,” and “Genre terrorism.” It all seems about right. Though none of them hail from New Orleans, Moonsugar sounds like a Saturday night on Frenchmen Street. The funky bass and guitar riffs seamlessly blend with the triple horn section for a delightfully danceable effect.

“We all have different types of music that we like and everyone brings their own little splash,” Heemskerk said.

“It’s all music. It’s all made up of the same thing and there are no rules. Just play it. It sounds good,” Moss added.

This “genre terrorism” keeps Moonsugar’s options open as far as booking shows is concerned.

“I think it’s cool that we have all those musical influences because then everyone wants to play with us,” Corripio said. “We don’t just get show requests from other funk bands. We play with ska bands, rock bands, weird bands.”

Squirt Gun Warriors approached Jackson about opening for them at Hartley/Vey, a notion he said came about because “we have our shit together.”

It seems straightforward, but with seven individuals in their early 20s juggling school and jobs, keeping said shit together can get complicated.

“It’s not that much of a problem on stage,” Johnson said. “But more so with practicing. There’s a lot of different schedules. There’s a lot of stuff that goes into getting a lot of people in one room.”

Despite the logistics of gathering all seven of them in one room, Moonsugar is currently working on recording a proper album. According to Heemskerk, the band hopes to have the tracks ready for recording by this summer.

“We’re going to be working on that these upcoming months and then hopefully we’ll have something physical to hand out to people.”

Moonsugar also frequents The Library at Northgate and has been known to play a house show or two (their first show was at a frat house). Moonsugar brings the party wherever it goes.

“We want people to have a good time because we’re having a good time doing it,” Johnson said.

There are no immediate plans for a tour, but the room lights up at the mention of it, longing for the day when it can become a reality.

“That would be a dream,” Heemskerk said of touring. “We are keeping it in mind and are going to try to work for that.”


w/ Naughty Professor

Mud & Water

Jan. 24 • 9 p.m. • $6


W/Squirt Gun Warriors and Joystick

Hartley/Vey Theatres

Jan. 25 • 8 p.m. • $10


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