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Get To Know ‘Em: Future

By: Pat Gunther

DIG caught up with Atlanta’s rising hip-hop star Future, to ask him a couple of personal questions. From wanting to collaborate with Jimi Hendrix, to his infatuation with space, Future is a many of many talents and interests. Check out the interview with one of the most unique characters in hip-hop after the jump, and prepare for some high-energy club-bangers when he takes the Varsity Theatre stage on Wednesday, June 18th at 9 PM.

DIG: If you could collaborate with one musician, dead or alive, who is it and why?

Future: Dead or alive, Jimi Hendrix. Because you know, he has a major influence on just me being unique in my music, and being able to think outside the box. His music helped me be who I am now.

DIG: What’s your favorite part about touring? Least favorite?

F: The chance to go out and see my fans every night is definitely my favorite. But the bad part is missing my kids.

DIG: What, aside from music, occupies most of your time?

F: That’s all I usually do man, ain’t really nothing else I got time for.

DIG: What’s the most important part, in your opinion, to putting on a good show?

F: Making sure that I’m well rested and have the energy to have a good performance, making sure I’m hype throughout the whole process and making the show live.

I love the reaction that the ladies show me, but there ain’t no way in the world I’m gonna pick up your panties.”

DIG: Who is your biggest musical influence, and why?

F: My cousin Rico, he had a big impact on me. He’s so important in everything I do, and in being so diverse and the choice of songs that I do. I always wanna create moments and reinvent myself over and over again, and step outside of the box with my music.

DIG: What’s your favorite song off of Honest and why that track?

F: Probably, right now, ‘T-Shirt’ that’s crazy and because it’s a dope street record and reminds me of what I first started doing with my mixtapes. It reminds me of where I was and I can really relate to it. It’s a current situation but it also gives me a chance to reflect back where I was and stay hungry and stay motivated to make this great music, and make a smash record and just be great.

DIG: Do you have an all time favorite song, if so what is it?

F: It’s gonna have to be ‘Amazing Grace’, cause of the pain and what it represents. I just love it, man.

DIG: If you couldn’t be a musician anymore, what would you be instead?

F: I’d be an astronaut, because, man I’ve always been infatuated with space.

DIG: How do you think smaller venues compare to larger venues as far as energy and fun are concerned?

F: The energy of the crowd is hot, its electric, man I love it. It’s more intimate, when you’re up and close and personal you can connect with your fans by just reaching out and being hands on, and you’re just taking it to the next step. I want my fans to bond with me and understand that. You can feel the energy and the love that’s in the room; you can see everyone’s reaction.

DIG: What do you expect for Future from the rest of 2014 and beyond?

F: I wanna be able to go beyond my limits, and I’ll do whatever it takes to go past that and achieve more than I’ve imagined. I know I wanna be professional and have a great career, whatever greatness comes along with and wherever my hard work takes me.

DIG: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever had a fan do or say to you?

F: Man, girls throwing their draws on stage. You think I’m gonna touch this and hold it up? I love the reaction that the ladies show me, but there ain’t no way in the world I’m gonna pick up your panties.

Pat’s Picks:

Three Future tracks to listen to before Wednesday’s show:

1) “Benz Friends (Whatchutola)”- Honest – The track featuring ATL legend Andre 3000 is a certified banger, with a down to earth and thought-provoking message about hip-hop’s infatuation with fancy cars and materialistic possessions.

2) “Honest”- Honest– The self-titled single is one of Future’s more down tempo cuts initially, that comes in with pounding drums and spacey synths. The message, which Future prides himself on, fits in perfectly with the rapper’s knack for tunes that remain true to his persona.

3) “Move That Dope” – Honest – Possibly the most commercially successful hit off of the sophomore LP, “Move That Dope” garners features from Pusha T and the legendary Skateboard P.


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