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“Get Your Shit Together”

By Rickey Miller

Get Your Shit Together is the name of Ashley Monaghan’s new e-booklet that offers advice, tips, and life lessons, especially tailored for today’s college students. A junior at LSU, majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Graphic Design, Monaghan explains why she decided to write her booklet.

“A lot of people have been coming to me, in the past 2 years and being like, ‘hey what should I do regarding my major?’ or ‘can you talk to me about job opportunities or how to get my resume situated.’ So I love doing that, it’s really a passion of mine – career consulting that is,” she said. “I love helping people figure out what their brand is. I’m also really involved in fashion, so a lot of people come to me for fashion advice. All those aspects of consulting, I really love.”

Monaghan debated with herself on the idea to write her booklet for quite sometime, but it wasn’t until she visited a VenturePOP! Conference in New Orleans, when she realized it was time to finally get the wheels turning.

“[The conference] was really inspiring and everyone was like ‘Do the things you like now, take risk’ and I was like well… I just wanted to make a short 8 page thing and give a way a few tips and tricks,” she said.

Monaghan’s says the title of her book comes from what she’s constantly telling herself, “I gotta get my shit together.” She says that she felt the title was relevant to the tip of tips and advice she offers in her booklet because many students also use the phrase when looking for jobs or trying to figure out their majors. And every 20-something has said “Get your/my shit together” when facing the scary precipice of adulthood.

Monaghan’s booklet focuses on 3 centralized concepts – the first being marketing “You.” Monaghan says in this portion of the booklet she gives advice and tips on how to separate “you” from the mass of competition that wants the same things as you.

Next, the book tackles Adulting – that dreaded act everyone in their mid twenties fears. Mostly, it’s associated with paying bills or making big decisions, but some college newbies can’t even cook for themselves.

“It’s about preparing yourself for that next step after college,” said Monaghan. “When I first came to college I didn’t even know how to make craft macaroni and cheese, like I didn’t even know how to boil water. So it’s about using the Internet to learn how to prepare meals and preparing meals early, basically things that are going to help you as your schedule becomes busier and more complex.”

And the third part of the booklet focuses on “branding yourself,” or rather crafting a unique aesthetic and resume that will make it easier to market “you.” In the old days, resume’s and business cards were the only tools that could do this. But today, we have social media.

“[This part] is about using Instagram and other social media to really brand yourself,” said Monaghan. “It’s so important to have a good reputation of yourself online. Just having a blog or a really nice Instagram can give you the platform to get yourself out there.”

Monaghan also learned quite a bit about herself while writing this short e-book. She admitted that she was hesitant to write the booklet at first because of fear of failure and self-doubt. However, as she worked through process, she has realized that chasing what you want pays off.

“I’ve put something out there and one day it’s going to cost money,” she said. “Just knowing that it inspires people, inspires me to do more is enough for now. You really just have to believe in yourself and in your talents.”

Along with the e-booklet is also a section in where readers can book a free consultation with Monaghan. She offers services such as building and writing a resume and cover letters, fashion advice, or even just a friendly chat over coffee.

Get Your Shit Together is available for download at AshleyMonaghan.com.


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