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A good party is a piece of art. Don’t believe? Just look to Dizzy Arts, whose series of art parties creatively mixes sound and style with the purpose of uniting the local arts scene.

Part art opening, part fashion show, and part concert, Dizzy Arts focuses on local artists, and offers them a venue to show off their raw talent.

The most recent installment of the Dizzy Arts party scene was their 10th venture, taking over once more at the XO Nightclub last Wednesday night. Art, music and fashion always holds great significance at Dizzy Arts. More than just a mere party theme, it’s all about the cultivation of the BR arts community.

“It’s awesome that [our] fan base is growing, people are starting to hear our name,” said Davy Goldsmith, local painter and co-founder of Dizzy Arts alongside producer Adam Carillo, “KluSlim.”.

The Dizzy Arts movement has come a long way since it first began out of Goldsmith and Carrillo’s house on Sharlo Avenue. While the show has expanded, there are some things that will never change as the brand expands, such as the cost of admission.

“We keep on talking to more and more people, but there are certain things that we don’t want to compromise,” said Goldsmith. “We’re trying to keep the price low. Its $5 and we don’t ever want to go above that [price].”

On the docket for the evening’s music was an eclectic mixture of hip hop, rock and chill vibes thanks to the stylings of artists Mr. Christopher, Dirty Mike and the Boys, Project Records, Shoe-lace, and First Fracture. The Amite-based First Fracture is no stranger to tearing down the roofs of music venues such as the Howlin’ Wolf in New Orleans, and was no exception for XO Club either that night. The five-piece outfit liberated the audience with the sheer force of their heart-pounding rock just before the start of the fashion show.

Those who attended Dizzy Arts got a sneak glimpse at several fashion designs put on by local designers, including Joey Redditt, Martha Landry, Victoria Beadles, Rachel Detloff, and Krystal Frame. Many of the designers are from the textiles, apparel, and design program at LSU, who showcased their spring collections. A variety of contemporary pieces made from an array of monochromatic colors and playful textures were seen on the models.

Along with the music and fashion, 20 local artists featured their works in the patio area of XO. A notable number to be sure, and it isn’t surprising, as the art component of Dizzy Arts has always been a popular one. Many of the artists have been featured in previous Dizzy Arts shows before, and love returning due to the different benefits they receive from participating.

“I think they have a good time,” said Goldsmith. “They love the fact that they’re given this shot to put their art out, and some of them don’t get to do that all the time. We show them a good time.”

For artist Michael Decuir, joining Dizzy Arts means exposure for his work and meeting other like-minded people.

“I love the exposure and meeting people interested in art,” said Decuir. “I just like for people to see my work. If I can find anywhere that people can actually see my work, and look at it, then I’m happy with that.”

Fellow artist Chase Scribbles said he enjoys the wide array of styles and mediums always represented at Dizzy Arts. The art installations showcased for the evening included textile work, water colors, prints, photography, and mixed media pieces.

“Every different style is accepted, there’s no like bias thing, it’s just show what you can express and it’s a really chill vibe,” said Scribbles. “It’s kind of like this whole free spirited thing.”

While exposure and free reign of creativity are on top of the list, other artists just enjoy the dialogue that opens up at Dizzy Arts and expanding their network.

“What I really enjoy is the conversation that you can easily have between artist and audience,” said Kayla Decoteau. “And I think that happens really easily here because it’s a laidback scene.”


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